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  1. MultiSelect combobox seems to be broken in IE10 (running in IE10 mode).
    When you try to select more than 1 element, the list seems to "collapse" in an unexpected way:

    to reproduce, run this...
  2. in french language, the override of fails :

    Ext.Date.getSuffix = function() {
    return (this.getDate() == 1) ? "er" : "";

    it should probably be:
  3. I am using 4.2.0

  4. This doesn't work when the current date is the 31 of a month,

    step to reproduce:
    _ Set your system date to 31 of a month (ex: 31 of july 2013)
    _ In the Monthfield select a 30 day month (ex:...
  5. Ext.dd.ScrollManager behaves incorrectly in 4.2.1 (in portal demo)
    stepts to reproduce:
    _ put all the widgets in the same column so the scroll bar will appear
    _ try to drag a widget from BOTTOM to...
  6. To me, 4.2 still doesn't perform well at all under IE8, especially tab panel rendering time and tab switching, also nested panels rendering is still way slower than extjs 3.4. the only componend...
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    for sure, 4.0.2, is an improvement concerning performance. (lots of bugs are fixed too)

    BUT : the overall behavior, is still slower than 3.3

    for example (in the context of a real application,...
  8. [QUOTE=tvanzoelen;608672]If you do something like this, it is fixed.

    true, this way it is immediate.... hope this will help sencha to fix the problem
  9. I added "layout : 'fit' " in every nested panel of the first example code in this thread and it doesn't change anything sorry. it take between 3 to 5 seconds to show / hide the controls (under Win XP...
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    mitchell, sorry but are you all blind at sencha? have you tried this simple example :
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    +1 of course, but the subject is being discussed here:
  12. ok, I modified the allowBlank property (but did you test it yourself?)... and guess what? it is as much slow as before... the problem is not about "allowBlank" property.
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    please! no need to ask for code examples to prove how much slow is extjs4 compared to 3

    IT IS SLOW ! IT IS A FACT, everyone who uses extjs in real applications can confirm that.
  14. Just pray for sencha to fix this issue in the next release
  15. when a grid panel using Ext.ux.ProgressBarPager tries to display an empty store, you get the message : 'Warning, size detected as NaN on Element.addUnits.' (IE even stops the execution)

  16. in my example, for sure it seems "overnested", but extjs is designed like this, and in a real application, if you just setup a form panel, containing a tab panel, in wich you want to put dynamic and...
  17. here is an exemple to show how SLOW can behave extjs 4 (the same type of code is IMMEDIATE in extjs3)

    in the code below, I create 4 comboboxes that I put in multiple nested panels (7 levels of...
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