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  1. I have the following code in rails with callback; let me know if I am using it incorrectly render :json => {:success => true, :results => @skills }, :callback => params[:callback] thanks
  2. I am doing a simple form in Architect3; if I dont customize createalias it works; if I put some name I want it fails;
    this is a simple form with only one field (email)

    The following...
  3. Hi
    I am testing a store with jasonp;
    my url is

    As you can see root is data and record is ad
    now here is my store definition as generated by architect
  4. Hi
    I am using sencha architect; where should I put this code to fix the problem?
  5. Replies
    I am a newbie;

    I am trying to achieve a simple naviation

    Main view with a picture and a button
    List view showing some content

    When I tap on the button in the mainview it should go to the...
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