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  1. Hi,

    I'm running into an issue when you put a touch grid into a carousel scrolling the carousel to the right works fine, but trying to scroll back to the left is very difficult and sometimes...
  2. I have tried using height: '100%' and width: '100%', but it makes the control fill it's parent not set to its natural size
  3. Hi,

    I'm trying to add an image to my app using the Ext.Img control. I want the image to use it's own natural height and width, but it isn't working. The documentation says this can be achieved by...
  4. hi,

    I'm running into an issue with the new Touch Grid when I set a grouper on the grid. The grouping headers are not showing unless I scroll the list. Is there a fix for this?

  5. I'm having the issue with scrollToTopOnRefresh on a grid when using paging (autoPaging set to true) and remote sorting. So if I scroll enough for a few pages to load up and sort the grid which...
  6. I'm running into the same issue. I've set the grouper function and the grid to grouped: true, but the group headers don't show unless I scroll the list. I can see white space that has been put in for...
  7. Its being open from the safari app. So it still has the window decorations
  8. Its a web app viewing in mobile safari.
  9. I'm having an issue when using the fullscreen property of a panel on the ipad. I'm using an hbox panel that has 2 panels in it, however there is a white line that is about 25px high along the bottom...
  10. Because it should be easier to add an option to a select than having to write out this:

    var options = [{ text: '', value: ''}];

  11. Is there a way to add a new option to a selectfield without removing all the other options currently in the list? updateOptions and setOptions both seem to overwrite the entire list where I just...
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    So there is no way to directly access an item from anywhere like you would a document.getElementById or $('#idOfItem')?
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    Is there a way to get a component directly without it having to be a direct child of the item level you are currently on? I've built a form that uses multiple field sets to layout the data and I...
  14. Hello,

    I was just wondering if there was any way to get textareas scrolling in all apple products (iphone, ipad). I remember there being an open bug about this a while ago and I did implement...
  15. ok it turns out that putting '45px' doesn't work for me, but just putting '45' does. So the 'px' part was causing it to mess up.

    Thanks for the reply
  16. I'm getting an issue where if I set the height on a textfield item and set the label to 'top' the label appears on top of the text input completely blocking the input area. It works if I don't set...
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    I found that post before and tried it out with no success. Is there a time frame for when 2.1 is supposed to be released?
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    Scrolling doesn't seem to be working in a textarea when using an iPad. Is there a workaround for this currently?
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    I'm trying to find an event that I can use to pop up a modal panel when you tap into a textareafield. The only event that kind of works is 'focus', but it still pops up the keyboard on the...
  20. Can I download 2.01 somewhere? I checked the products page and didn't see a link specific to it.

  21. I've written an extension to the datepicker to add a clear button to the toolbar, but I'm running into the issue where if I clear the value, reopen the datepicker and hit done nothing happens. After...
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