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  1. Hi,

    now I know what was wrong:

    The ASP.NET application uses an ISAPI-Filter which rewrites request paths. However, the result of this rewrite differs for different paths. This results in wrong...
  2. Hi,

    it was difficult to test, because the crm system is an "internet explorer only" application. So, I can
  3. Hi dotnetCarpenter,

    sorry for the late answer. As I mentioned before, there is no <form>-Tag in the html. That means also, there are no nested <form>-Tags. (sorry if I expressed it unclear)
  4. I examined the HTML output. There is no single <form>-tag in the complete output.
  5. Sorry, what do you mean with nested forms? Nested pages?
  6. Hi again,

    I have just tried it with the viewport for aspnet. It does not solve the problem. The aspx page itself works like a charm. It only stops working, when it is included in the...
  7. Hi

    I created a html file for testing which is the starting point for extjs. Everything was fine and the ext part is nearly finished. What I need now, is that the html is generated dynamically...
  8. Hi

    I have a weird problem with ExtJS. We develop an addin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.
    This is a web-application which is frame based. I tried to load a website which uses ext into the content...
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    I just solved my problem. I add the parameter in the beforeLoad-Event of the datastore according to

    Thanks for help
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    Thank you. That was the solution. So easy ;)

    However the parameter 'folder' which I pass on a node click, is not passed if I page to the next page. Where is the right place to query for this...
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    i have some trouble with the paging toolbar. My ext app consists of a viewport which contains a treeview and a grid. It works like a file explorer. The grid shows only data, if a node in the...
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