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    I liked siq's solution in #27, but changed it to not include any copy-and-pasted core code. Including below in case it helps anyone. Also, others in this thread asked about how to include overrides...
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    I'm also thankful for this thread, for the persistence of jhoweaa and others.

    It seems like even if you install Ruby for Windows, the installer puts it in the user's PATH env variable, which ends...
  3. I ran into this problem too, and looked at the Ext.grid.locking.Lockable mixin to try to see what was going wrong. It seems like it might be a bug, but injectLockable() refers to me.loadMask at line...
  4. Yikes. That seems like a huge regression.

    Before, if you had a buffered store with a million records, you could insert a record and then sync() and it would work fine. Why prevent that now?
  5. Yes, thanks Amphro! I applied an override in our application based on your suggestion that seems to have fixed this issue throughout.

    // Only install the override for chrome 25 or greater....
  6. Any update to this? I'm seeing the same thing, wondering how best to work around it.
  7. I have solved this problem before. Not sure I have time to post a complete solution, but here's the idea: Listen for clicks in the document and test to see if they're outside the bounds of my custom...
    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1 rc2
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 19
  9. I'm seeing the same thing, and in my dynamic loading use case, it's causing the proxy to send &node=NaN in the URL that requests data, which breaks something that was working in 4.1.0.

    Anyone have...
  10. I don't understand this answer. The message won't show up in production, but is it an indication of a real issue? The test code doesn't have frame:true in it 'explicitly', so it's not clear to me...
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    Works perfectly for me. Thanks!
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    Actually, I spoke too soon. When I looked more carefully, your version of is different than the one I have in 4.1rc3. So I applied your change to my extension as...
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    Thanks! That got me closer (I think), but I still get an error, this time when it's creating the Reader of the first Store. I've seen this kind of thing before too, but don't understand...
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    In several ways, the way instances are constructed causes problems. One of them is extending an extension. I can create a subclass of, but when I create a subclass of...
  15. Then this seems like a reasonable feature request, since we're defining a "class" that is a type of model.

    If the Model class had something like initComponent(), where fields could be added, then...
  16. If I have a Model extension with certain fields, how can I extend that model and add a few specialized fields?

    This seems like a pretty standard OO thing to do, but I can't find any examples that...
  17. Seems useful for preventing my own code from getting cached, but I don't like that it has to be disabled or enabled for the whole Loader.

    I'd much rather have per-path configurations, so I could...
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