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  1. Thanks so much!
  2. Is it possible to do it?

    I have a number of street addresses that I need to convert into latitude and longitude, because I need to have it out in order to use the maps to mobile phone senses that...
  3. I did a little experiment where I try to look at a word and send it to a PHP document (searchquery.php) that prints the results in JSON call, for example:


    When sending to PHP...
  4. As I wrote in the other thread, you saved my day. Should I use the search field linked to such one php document, type a call in Ajax or Json (Jsonp)? Maybe you can give me a helping hand.
  5. Thank you so much, you saved my day! :)
  6. Hello again!

    I have a problems with my application.

    I have created a search field and a search button that is linked to a new view (through a function in my controller), see code below:
  7. Hello!


    First, I have a button with an ID that is linked to a view that lists the data from JSON (see code below):

    Ext.define('LG.view.categories', {
    extend: 'Ext.List',
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    Thank you very much for your helping hand. :)
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    Hello, Sencha People!

    I need some help with a list that reads a JSON call, and the call looks like below:

    "Restaurants": [{
    "Name": "B-O:s Restaurang",
    "Lunches": [{
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