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  1. I found that gxt 3.0.1 HeaderGroup with serious bug
    i need a bug fix version, is there a plan?
    thank you.
  2. I need to use HeaderGroup , but how to resolve [EXTGWT-2349] - Column headers don't reflect filteredness by hand

    I could not access gxt 3.0.2.

    need your help!
  3. Grid column could not be sorted while a row with null value.
    How could i do?
    Could i add a custom comparator?
  4. [GXT 2.0 M2] Class com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.grid.ColumnConfig miss method setTooltip().

    And Grid Header Tooltip does not work.
  5. Gxt2.0 Could i config the order of group in Group Grid?
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    Is GXT 2.0 coming out today?
  7. With GXT 1.1.2 ,after clear label text, why combox.getValue() != null?
  8. Window.setSize() is ok.
    but if use Window.setWidth(int),the Window.width is still 100% width of the IE Browser.
  9. I want to get template by :


    not with:

    private native String getTemplate() /*-{
  10. public void onModuleLoad() {

    FormPanel panel = new FormPanel();
  11. toggle method need El, where could i get?
  12. Sometime I need RowExpander default is expanded.
    How could i do?
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    when will 1.1 alpha 5 available?
  14. [Gxt 1.1 Alpha 4 ]ComboBox could not work with firefox 3 and ie?
  15. My problem is the same as

    And i have found the answer, thanks.
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    ComboBox.setStore(ListStore<D> store);
    ComboBox.getListView().setStore(ListStore<D> store);
  17. ComboBox One has two model: Car A and Car B.
    ComboBox Two has three model: white, red and blue.

    Car A has two color:white and red.
    Car B has two color:red and blue.

    How could i add a trigger...
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    may be StateManager could help .
  19. public void onModuleLoad() {

    final ContentPanel panel = new ContentPanel();
    panel.setLayout(new FitLayout());
    panel.setSize(600, 400);
    panel.addButton(new Button("one",
  20. Fix in svn? this url sample still do not work.
  21. public void onModuleLoad() {

    Viewport v = new Viewport();
    v.setLayout(new RowLayout(Orientation.HORIZONTAL));

    ContentPanel panel1 = new ContentPanel();
  22. rc1b-MessageBox.setIcon() throw error.

    Exploer sample MessageBox "Yes/No/Cancel" does not work!
  23. I want to catch double click event in TabPanel.
    how could i do?
  24. How could i catch double click event in gxt?
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