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  1. Hi,

    We use a dynamically generated form panel to represent our business objects.

    We are in the middle of moving this form from a custom html implementation using our own fields into an Extjs4...
  2. run this in (couldnt save because I crashed the browser hehe).
    This more accurately represents what my extjs app is doing

    Ext.define('LengthModel', {
  3. This just caught me out and have been pulling my hair out but got to the bottom of it.

    If when you define a model, one of the fields is named 'length', Ext json readers happily parse json into the...
  4. I use a stylesheet containing the following rule which is used to determine what icon to display:

    .gridpreviewimage-32-htm, .gridpreviewimage-32-html, .gridpreviewimage-32-asp,...
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    Hi guys,

    I have a simple class that extends window.
    Window has a bottom toolbar with some buttons.
    Autoref on the buttons does not produce the desired results.
    If the button is taken out of the...
  6. Here is the code for a header panel that sits at the top of my browser window.

    Presentation.MainHeaderPanel = function(config) {

    var siteconfig = getSiteConfiguration();
  7. You do not override the background-image so the desired effect is not shown

    change to

    .x-grid3-row-over {
    background-image: none;
  8. excellent, thanks for your fast response
  9. Is it or will it be possible to configure the jsonstore to load data using HTTP POST? At the moment you are limited to using GET and have to update the class file by hand, which of course is...
  10. thanks guys i'll take a look at extplorer.
  11. bump, I experienced this a over a year ago on another project, would like to know if it's extjs or IE to blame.
  12. Hi guys,

    I need to integrate a file explorer to manager files on the webserver. The backend is running c#.

    I'm not finding anything in the forum, anyone care to point me in the right direction....
  13. wow - mixing my languages. Should have used hidden.

    thanks, works great.
  14. Hi,

    I want to have a button visible/not visible depending if the users username is Guest.
    config.saveAction = new Ext.Action({ cls: 'x-btn-icon bsave', handler:...

    Edit a row, then cancel.

    Reorder the columns.

    Try to edit a row again and the row editor fails to display fields.

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    craig.whitcombe please

  17. This thread should be in the 3.x forum I think.......
  18. got the same problem.

    would be nice if the treelaoder accepted config options such as

    dataUrl: 'WebService.asmx/GetTreeNodes',
    method: 'post',
    jsonData: { somevar:...
  19. What a useful post.

    I already know that you shouldnt nest forms. If you use aspnet code however you cannot help it because the whole page is within a big form. There is a conflict between ASP and...
  20. Hi all,

    I have an page in which I am running my ext application consisting of multiple grid panels.

    All morning I tried to get a formpanel to render on the page, but could not. I...
  21. thanks for the reply, but I think what you suggest is no better than what I have got.

    I have just fixed the issue.'load', this.updateSuggestions, this);

  22. Hi,

    Apologies but this is the second time I have typed this out as the forum lost the first one :((

    Basically I want to load a grid via an xmlreader.
    on grid load, update another grid, reusing...
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    bulletin board auto shrank the image so here is a zoomed in version:
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    Thanks for the great work.

    Couldnt get it to work without your PageSizerPlugin, but decided to use your pagesizer plugin anyway and now it works nice :)

    I am reporting a bug with IE8:

  25. bump, I think this needs to be moved to bugs forum
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