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  1. My team has also been affected by this problem. We put in a workaround via an Ext.Window extension, but would be nice if support was built in.

    RP.Window = Ext.extend(Ext.Window,
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    The QuickTips source code looks like someone meant to enable anchor even though it is not in the documentation. It would work but it seems like there is a bug in the code. The method...
  3. We are trying to find something to do regression and automated unit testing of client side js code. It would be nice if it could test ui code also.

    I've heard of selenium, but have not tried...
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    Thanks for the workaround!!!

    Is this going to be fixed? It's still a problem in Ext 3.0. Just add the doctype tag to the example.
  5. I did not know it supported the MS format. That's cool, but I'd rather not have our developers convert the dates as they use them. We have a couple AJAX queries that are coming back with 54+k of...
  6. Yeah I'm getting dates back from an web service with the funky \/Date(ticks)\/ and I need to catch that and change them into real date objects. Before I was using regex to replace them with...
  7. Your solution would work on browsers that support native json, but it wouldn't be complete unless decode and encode were updated to use the second parameter for non native implementations.

  8. Extjs 3.0
    all browsers

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request, but since you are not supporting the standard I went with bug.

    Now that native JSON is supported in 3.0 it would be...
  9. I got some simple ext stuff rendered out to the iPhone using ajax to pull data, but for every component I create I have to override some ext style to make text/height bigger. At this rate it's going...
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