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    When ExtJS 4.1.0 stable will be released (at least approximately)?

    I have tried Ext 4.1.0 beta 2 and have had serious compatibilty issues:

    For example, tbtext elements were misaligned....
  2. 2gleon: thank you!

    You've saved my day! :)
  3. The most probable problem in this case is the absence of store's model's definition.
    Either require of model's file or inclusion of model's source into store's stack of code will solve the problem....
  4. This is due to sloppy (buggy) realization of method initStateEvents() in Ext.panel.Table component.

    Find this piece of code and you will be able to edit flawed function and to force it to work...
  5. Found the solution (partially fixed the bug in Ext.state.Stateful mixin).

    Actually in the current version you will never be able to save and restore the state for any stateful component.

    If I...
  6. It seems that I do everything right:
    1. state provider is initialized
    2. grid has stateful = true & stateId = 'someId' set

    BUT nothing happens!!

    beforestaterestore & beforestatesave event are...
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    Great, thank you for your job!

    Next time I will try to overcome SDK Tools from Sencha, I will try to do it with your solution! :)
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    Great, thank you for your work! With these small improvements all work perfectly! :D
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    Most probably you don't have such attribute as 'width' & 'height' in your custom iconCls.

    I also had this issue, but introducing sizes for the icon solved the problem.

    It seems that ExtJS...
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