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    ok, I had the same problem and I think I got it working for me.

    The problem is when the timefield sends out the 'blur' event the editor attempts to update the date with the value the combobox...
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    xtype: 'button',
    tooltip: 'My application',
    text: '<u>N</u>ew'

    Easiest way I reckon. Could also use <span> with classes, that would be symantically better or something.
  3. Perhaps put this code in the 'render' event of the formpanel?
  4. This works. Thanks \:D/
  5. Hullo

    I was wondering if it's possible to set the visibility of the lines in a treepanel after it's been rendered?

    I know it sounds strange ... (:|
  6. WS.ui.ProcessModulePanel = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {
    constructor: function(config) {
    // Configuration
    Ext.apply(this, {
    title: config.processName
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    There's nothing wrong with your JS I think, however, the 'add' method does not accept an array (see:

    You could try this:

  8. Ahh! Now I understand. Thank you, this helped me a lot. And thanks the rest of you guys. ~o)
  9. Thanks. The result however is quite the same :( I can type multiple R, M or Ls and still no digits. Argh :-/
  10. Thanks, however it doesn't work for me :-? :-/

    With this RegEx I'm able to type more than one R (or L, or M) and no digits whatsoever. What am I doing wrong :(

    maskRe: /^[RML]\d{0,8}/i,
  11. Hi. This is probably not the place to ask it, but I've run across a block in the road whilst developing in ExtJs. I need a maskRe that does the following

    1. The first character has to be either...
  12. It's not working for bottom aligned tabs, will this perhaps be a feature in a future version?
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    Set rootVisible: false on the treepanel?
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    Um well download and install fiddler to view the contents of the ajax calls? Or use firebug.
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    Myself I find the look and feel of the toolbar buttons in Exts default theme a bit lacking. From a users' point of view I don't feel it's immediately obvious for a user that the button can be clicked...
  16. That did it. Removing that extra column. Left over from previous configurations. Thanks ever so much Condor.

    Incidentally, this lay-out stuff is what causes me the most trouble with ExtJs at this...
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    I wouldn't say useless but this is what it does

    addEvents : function(o){
    if(!{ = {};
    if(typeof o == 'string'){
  18. Hi. I'm thinking this could be a bug. Is this a known error, or am I doing something wrong? :((

    The situation is this.
    I have a ViewPort
    with a Region in it
    with a FormPanel in it
    with a...
  19. It works! Thank you sir! \:D/ =D>
  20. Thanks for your quick response. I was kind of hoping it wouldn't have to come to that :p
  21. I made a simple modification that uses a shorter version of 'displayField' string to show in the textbox (because the text would fit in the dropdown, but not next to eachother in the textbox). If...
  22. Hello ext people.

    For my project I'm using MS Ajax webservices and the Ext.ux.AspWebServiceProxy extension. I'm trying to create an autocomplete combo but the problem is the web service returns a...
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    You need to run a webserver for xmlhttprequest calls to work.
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    I'll do that, thanks a lot :)
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    Be a little more descriptive.

    1. How slow is it exactly?
    2. What kind of machine are you using to test?
    3. What browser are you using?

    Remember Firebug hoards a lot of CPU power when viewing...
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