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  1. You can run a server-side script which acts as a proxy for all calls.
  2. this.up('page_videoplayer').getData()
  3. Even if MS delivers a HTML5 browser, ST still relies on webkit specific functionalities.
  4. I believe the private method refreshTitlePosition() does what you want. In my case i had to call it with a small delay after showing the titlebar. Please mind that the use of private methods of ST is...
  5. A singleton class might help you:
  6. You can add it to the launch function of app.js.
  7. You can query down from Ext.Viewport

    Something like this:

    var navviews = Ext.Viewport.query('navigationview');
    for(var i=0, l=navviews.length; i<l; i++){
  8. Only Ext.Ajax.request if I recall correctly
  9. Your list object doesn't exist (yet). You may want to call setHtml() after the initlialize event of the list.
  10. Check your browser console to see if there are any javascript errors.
  11. Check if your firewall isn't blocking connections. Also confirm that you can access the default pages of your webserver. Consult the documentation that came with it.
  12. Enter the local IP address of your laptop in your mobile browser.
  13. Is your webserver working properly (can it serve other pages)?
  14. .focus() is usually not allowed in mobile browsers because the big onscreen keyboard could be annoying.
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    roycyang has extended Ext.Button for better responsiveness in this thread:
  16. You can use a CSS shadow to achieve that effect. You might have to set some z-indexes to 2. Note that this is discouraged because ST handles z-indexes, but it will work.
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    The extra string is added to prevent usage of the cached response by the browser. You can change it by setting the disableCaching config to false....
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    Try adding this to sdk/src/plugin/ListPaging.js in the onStoreLoad function after "this.getLoadMoreCmp().show();"

  19. I get a syntax error in app.js as well: "Expected an identifier but found ')' instead"

    ST v2.0.1.1
    Sencha Command v2.0.2
  20. I now use custom setters like you described to update the data used for the tpl and it works well.:)
  21. The XTemplate solution works well for displaying data when the view is initialized, but when records change the view will not update.
  22. Hey guys,

    I was facing the same issues. I worked around most of them by listening to the window.onresize event. When that event fires, I call window.scrollTo(0, 1) in a setTimeout with a few 100...
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    You can use 'inspect element' in your browser to look up the required css selectors. Also don't forget to set position to relative or absolute so the z-index will work.
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    Try setting z-index to 1.
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    Just for reference, this is the include code:

    @include sencha-loading-spinner;
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