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    hi all,

    I want to make a combbox on which the user can choose the type of theme for the application, once chosen a theme, the theme is set up
    how can I do this and where to place the folder which...
  2. it does not work for me , i dont know why{
    title: 'Question',
    msg: 'title of box',
    buttonText: {ok: "1", yes: "2", no: "3", cancel: "4"},
  3. buttonText does not work. :-?
  4. ok,
    I would like to name the buttons with another name and not YesNoCancel !!
    how can i do
  5. okay, thank you,
    and my question how I will return the image to the panel by using the object: or draw.engine.imageexporter.self.generate.
    if you have an example that would be great!...
  6. Hi, thanks scott
    but I did not understand the relationship with extjs imagick,
    how I will use these objetcs, this.surface);...
  7. I will use PHP .
  8. Hi,
    I like to know how i will use this object,

    Ext.draw.engine.ImageExporter.self.generate, this.surface);

  9. Hi all,
    i would like to show three button in message show , i have an example but the name of button rest the same:{ title: 'Question',
    msg: 'Voulez vous quoi...
  10. Thanks Mr;Scott,
  11. Hi all,
    i need to know how i do for create the option of formpanel like this in form widget :

    how i do for help option and others!

  12. when I do it ,like this in php side :

    $ _FILES ["Fileid"] ["type"] == "text/plain")
    it gives me an error in this line as what does ext fileid have defined!!
    the code of button;

    var form =...
  13. thanks evan, but i would like to know how i do with extjs / php :)
  14. I use PHP, i need the example for uploading the file in server .
  15. how can i do for uploading the file in server, for exemple the user upload the file and when click 'uploading file' , file is copied in server !!
    . i dont understand the exemple given by extjs:
  16. I need the path of file uploaded !!
  17. good, then what is the fileupload component if it can not return the full path.
  18. hi all,
    when i upload the txt file with fileupload component , the url of file apper like this :

    ,same if the file is download from the hard drive D:\, the link shows is...
  19. Hi all,
    after the user gives the number of text field , i need to create dynamically the component textfield, and get the value of each one .
    for example the user give 3, three textfield will...
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    hi i found the solution but only for internet explorer , the internet explorer users must be enable the option :
    Inclure le chemin d'accès au répertoire local du téléchargement des fichiers sur un...
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    hi , thanks skirtle for reply,
    one side it is a good method of security of the file path, and on the other side how I will know the exact path of the file for processing .
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    Hi all,

    I have a problem with getting the path of the file uploaded, when i upload the file placed in the D: drive the correct path is D:\rep\file.txt, but in the fieldtext is written...
  23. Hi all,
    other idea for this probléme ?
  24. I didn't understand ,
    my goal is make the multiselect component capable of displaying multiple column , because when i declare the component like this :

  25. hi all,
    i would like to know if is possible , how i do for this situation
    i have two combobox , the first one contain the name of column returned by store.
    and the second one contain the the value...
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