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    Thanks hendricd.

    Well I went the ajax way to write to a file in the servlet and then when this call returns success I then use iframe to download the file.

    The only issue I am seeing right now...
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    Thanks for the fast reply!

    So showing and hiding the progressbar during filedownload via Iframe is not possible?
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    Hello all,
    Believe me I have been through the messages in the forum and tried a few things but nothing seems to work...So finally this post:

    When a button is clicked, I use an IFrame to...
  4. I want like 90% of style from Ext's only modify like 10%. Does that warrant me defining my own styles? I would rather just overide like padding to my requirements but keep the bkcolor/font stc to...
  5. Is there a way to get access to the a component by using it's class instead of the id?
    Something like Ext.getCmpByClass('x-window-ml');
    what is it has more than one class like ' x-window...
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    I tried using this plugin and was sort of successfull in having my grid resizing when the browser resizes, except :

    Say the browser is in NON-maximized mode and then you try to maximize by...
  7. I think this is a bug and this is the way I solved it:

    var grid = Ext.getCmp('ResultsGrid');
    var view = grid.getView();
    var cell = view.getHeaderCell(0);
  8. Wait, so does this mean, in serverside sorting and paging, ExtJs does not support CheckboxSelectionModel? Right now when the first page's header checkbox is selected and then the user goes to the...
  9. bump!
  10. I searched through the forums but did not find an answer for this problem:

    1. I have a grid with 1st column being all checkboxes.

    2. If i check the header checkbox on the first page, all the...
  11. Even after clearing the cache the pagenumber is tooooo big. Also look at the PageSizePlugin's, 'rows/page' it's not layed out right. I can hack and make things work. The question is, is this is a bug?
  12. Sorry, was able to fix, #3. My bad. Don't know what is going on with #2.
  13. I was able to solve #1.

    I cleared my cahce and that has no effect on the size of the filed. it was still 200Px. Although I was bale to fix it by:

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    Animal, thanks much! I was actually looking for this as well!!
  15. Hello,
    Firstly, great job on this library. We first started with JQuery and slowly got charmed into Ext=D>. So pat yourself on the back.

    Today I have questions regarding the PagingToolbar:

  16. bump
  17. So I have written a beautiful mockup which everybody loves in my company. I used JQuery+ExtJS. Now I am converting the html pages into jsp files and I use a lot of scriplets in my jsp files. The...
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    Newbie here...

    Using the double sliders in, I would like to slide/scroll my grid columns. But I want the 1st column locked...
  19. Does this also work with JSON data loading?

    Can I also add pagin to the gris?

    From the above couple of of posts about cell editing of the grid, I am assuming it is working fine :)?
  20. Hello all,
    I am a newbie to the java world having switchd over from .NET and am using eclipse 3.3.

    Here is my question. I unzipped ext1.1.1 to c:\program files\ext1.1.1. then when I try to...
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