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  1. Hi I have a grid which has been populated from an XML Store, which reads from the following XML file:

    <widget id="TextInput">
  2. I agree totally, I mentioned this point in my initial post that such Q&A clarity does indeed go both ways. However, it still does not justify the use of capital letters, nor crass or condescending...
  3. Ok, apologies for the semantic slip there, my mistake. though, it was not exceptionally crucial to my point. However, I must take my cue from your first line, this is perhaps a little condescending...
  4. I apologize if this following reply seems crass, but I feel I must make a stand here, for us newcomers when it comes to seeking help on this forum, No particular disrespect is intended nor is this...
  5. I totally agree, for the price, tag the safety of at least a last action undo, should be provided, it incredulous to see it lacking in such necessary function, what was the logic behind the decision...
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    Thanks for this, but I'm getting an annoying error when I am using:

    new Ext.grid.DynamicColumnModel(ds)' the column model attribute for my grid. However, Firebug is telling me off...
  7. Can a more simple example be given. I have a radioGroup as such:

    var DownloadRadioGroup = new Ext.form.RadioGroup

    fieldLabel: 'Downloads Enabled',
  8. Anaimal,

    Much apologies, I realized my data index did not match the spelling in the collect function, it is now working ok.

    Again, many thanks for your help

  9. No, disrespect intended Animal, your help is greatly appreciated, but could you be more specific, this reply is slightly ambiguous?

    I am now, on your advice, looking at the Store API as my JSON...
  10. Hello Animal,

    No I certainly have not missed the API docs for the Store, I am aware particularly of the JSON store, as this is what I have used regularly.

    Is there a particular item in there...
  11. Hi,

    I have searched extensively the forums here, and read the threads. In addition I have referred to the API for help, yet none of these have really yielded the answer I am looking for. Thus, I...
  12. Actually animal unless I have missed it its not in the FAQ, the nearest I can get is css styling. I would also like to know how to programmatically get the value of a grid cell contents, preferably...
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    Its my first time posting, so be gentle! I am working on an java based application with an ExtJS web client front-end. One of the services offered is to search certain data in a database based...
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