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  1. I also would like a better explanation of the various files. Pretty confused on the distinctions. Came to this thread via googling for "ext all debug dev".
  2. "Hidden fields will be posted, why should they not be validated?"

    They should not be posted nor validated. Why? Think about it from the point of a confused user, who cannot interact with those...
  3. I realize the issue is closed, but I just got bit by this. (in v4.1.0)

    Irrespective of whether it matches v3 or not, this seems like counter-intuitive behavior.

    If a form has a subform which is...
  4. Changed the handler to use an AJAX call:

    , handler: function() {
    var frm = this.up('form').getForm();
    if (frm.isValid()) {
    // before getting values, re-enable...
  5. I have a form that, when I call submit() on it, seems to ignore the values in the form.

    , handler: function() {
    var frm = this.up('form').getForm();
    if (frm.isValid()) {
  6. Would like to know the same. Can an Ext.tree.Panel be made an editable grid with the existing ExtJS4.1 library, or with a little additional code?

    Adding Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditingView does not...
  7. I guess I'll have to temper my excitement and wait for it in a stable release... :(
  8. Great! Somehow that post did not come up in my search.

    Anyways, when I log into, I only see 4.0.7. Where's the magical land that contains 4.1.0? :)
  9. I get that too. Same line 83219 in ext-all-debug.js:

    SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'getEditor'
    ext-all-debug.js, line 83219 character 9

  10. I'm curious too. Anyone have any ideas? The chart, like the grid, should have a built-in "loading..." mask.

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.5

    Browser versions tested against:
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    I'll add a voice to someone also currently experiencing major majorTickSteps issues.

    If I have a Category axis based on strings, how do I ensure that I only have ten major ticks? What is "minimum"...
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    Ext.chart.theme.Base sets axisTitleBottom as:

    axisTitleBottom: {
    font: 'bold 18px Arial',
    fill: '#444'

    However, the font choice seems to be ignored on IE9. Works on FF5. In fact,...
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    To pre-paraphrase ordinary_guy, that would be one of the sources of problems... Building stable, "serious business" web apps with cutting edge technologies is often a hellish mix.
  15. I had an override on

    Apparently, this line in the ExtJS source:

    params = Ext.applyIf(params, this.getParams(params, operation));

    changed to
  16. If it's not me doing something wrong, then yes please. :)
  17. Looks like something is different in buildRequest() in Admittedly, I have an overriden Server, but the difference is in lines 51-55 in the images below. In 4.0.2a the params...
  18. In v4.0.2a, my grid, with autoLoad:true, sends page, start and limit numbers when the page is loaded. In a recent move to try out v4.0.4, it doesn't anymore. WTF?

    var store =...
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    Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes... :)

    Still, all certification shows is the ability to memorize. I've had people who can memorize the crap out of something but are poor problem solvers.
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    God, I hate this industry's dependency on certifications... :(
  21. Why would Sencha have to provide this? I agree that it'd be interesting if it were rolled in, but quite frankly, they need to fix the current shop before opening a new one...
  22. Dear Sencha, :)

    I know it can be difficult to hear the frustrated users, but speaking for myself, as much as I am currently frustrated by some aspects of ExtJS4, I do like it a lot right now and...
  23. The problem is two-fold: a) poor documentation, and b) when something doesn't work, it's a hell of a ride to figure out why. On the flip side, it's fully open and I've been able to roll up my...
  24. I generally like (want to like?) ExtJS4, but I've had to do lots of overriding and extending to get the Grid to behave properly in simple CRUD scenarios.

    Ready for production? Generally not,...
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    Thanks, but that would not help me. I am not working against a REST-capable system.
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