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  1. I also had similar error and I've just changed:

    new BaseTreeLoader<ElementModel>(new TreeModelReader());


    new BaseTreeLoader (new TreeModelReader());
  2. When upgraded to gxt 1.1 the indentation of the tree has changed and now the childrens are not aligned properly. They are aligned together with the joint icon, not with the closed folder icon as it...
  3. Ok, I found the solution. For those who might be interested in the future: Registering a theme is not enough, you have to also set the theme, to have it visible. To do this, you can use ThemeSelector...
  4. As a beginner I have a question concerning adding a theme to the project. I add the module inherited in the xml file, add the jar to the classpath, register the theme and nothing changes with the...
  5. Is there any way to block an item of the tree, leaf or node, to be highlighted? I could not find a way to prevent a TreeItem to be highlighted and I need this because even disabled tree items are...
  6. The bug founded is related to the one of bugfixex from the latest 1.0.2 relase, to be more specific it relates to this bugfix:

    This issue has been fixed, but not completely. When we create a...
  7. Thanks a lot, that advice helped :)

    So I attach the polish translation, coding UTF-8.
  8. Ok, now I got confused. I have gxt-1.0 and in the path


    I have the file ONLY. What do I need to do to find those properties files?
  9. I would like also to creat a translation, but where will I find the english equivalents? I've searched in but without success.
  10. I attached the screenshot to better explain my problem. When button "start wizard" is clicked, the window opens and it is modal.

    When the "next" button from the window is clicked and the alert is...
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    I thought rather about Java code..
  12. I build some window with a form panel, and I fire alert or warning. The modal seems not to work with the window opened, however it disables the background of a window, but not the window itself. Is...
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    Since I haven't found such a thread neather on forum nor tutorial, I would like to ask you, how to add a listener to a window, which will be fired after clicking on exit in the top-right corner of a...
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