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  1. Nope, not really. I try to avoid using Ext.panel.Panel, and use Ext.container.Container instead. I'm currently not using the recent ExtJs version, so it might have been resolved there.
  2. Now it's working here again.

  3. Hi

    The download link on this page:
    Sends me to:
    Which gives me a 404.
  4. Hi Aaron

    I just checked the same example in 4.0.2a and this issue is still not fixed.

    And do the same steps as I...
  5. Hi

    The itemmouseenter and itemmouseleave events of Ext.view.AbstractView is fired on the grid for every mouseover/mouseout event. It does not respect normal enter/leave behavior.

    Check one of...
  6. Hi

    The shadow of floating components, other than windows, are never enabled. For example the picker for a ComboBox.

    Compare the ComboBox examples. Try expanding one of the comboboxes. You will...
  7. Hi

    I'm going to bumb this one up again, as it's still not possible to achieve the above.

    I need my panels NOT to have a fixed height. How do I do that?

    The fixed heights give me all kinds of...
  8. Hi

    The docs says that Ext.AbstractComponent accepts autoEl as a string. This is not true.

    The method Ext.AbstractComponent-getElConfig:

    getElConfig : function() {
    var result =...
  9. Shouldn't it be:
  10. Hi Evan

    I don't understand why you won't support this? Basically this breaks Ext 3.x code.

    And it's only one line. It won't make any difference for the new use model.
    Personally I don't care...
  11. Actually you should check if there is another thread :)
    Check the post dates.

    But great that it get's fixed, evan!
  12. Hi Evan

    You linked to the same thread as this one :)
  13. Hi

    I'm experiencing a bug in the column layout. I have two panels separated by a spacer component. The first panel has fixed width=200, the other one has columnWidth:1.
    Initially the panels are...
  14. Hi

    There is a bug in Ext.tip.ToolTip-setTarget.

    If you give null as the target element, the listeners on the old target will not be cleared.

    This is the method:

  15. Hi

    At the moment the only way to give a panel/window an icon in it's header is by using iconCls. Many other components support icons URLs, e.g. Ext.button.Button,,...
  16. Hi

    I think there is still an issue here. If the element to mask has it's position style set directly to static, then it still doesn't work, as the position:relative from the x-masked-relative...
  17. Hi

    Check the example of a grid with checkbox selection:

    The header checkbox is positioned 1px to the left of the...
  18. Hi

    It would be great if you implemented Compass-like methods on Ext.core.Element to set CSS3 properties, so that the correct properties are set for each CSS3 supporting browser.

    I'm thinking...
  19. Hi Evan

    1. Fan or not, this is already something you use in the framework. See Ext.button.Button-toggle for instance - same principle. If you don't want to change toggleCls' signature, then you...
  20. Hi Evan

    Thanks for your reply.

    Why don't the framework size it for me? As I see it, it should be pretty simple.
    Ext.layout.component.AbstractDock should contain something like this, if the...
  21. Hi

    Check out this example:

    Ext.define('My.PanelLayoutTest', {
    singleton: true,

    init: function() {
    this.panel = new Ext.Panel({
  22. Hi

    1. It would be nice to be able to supply a boolean value as the second argument to Ext.core.Element-toggleCls, which should force the css class to be either added or removed.
    I would like to...
  23. ...QuickTipManager
  24. I think the problem is in the search funtion. It seems as if it still only knows the old class names. But the navigation tree seems to be updated.

    Try to search for:
    - ImageComponent
    - Every...
  25. Hi

    This is still not fixed with Beta3
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