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    I have a grouped grid with a lot of rows. I would like to add a button to the grid's toolbar which allows the user to automatically scroll to any of the grid's grouped headers. So if group A is...
  2. Hmm, while I could see this being useful in some cases, what I am looking for is a way for the tab width to adjust based on the length of the strings in the "tree".

    Right now, if the width of the...
  3. Hi everyone, just wondering if it possible to make the "tabWidth" setting in the Group Tab Panel example dynamic?

    In other words, the width of the tabs should be based on the length of the strings...
  4. See the last post on the LovCombo page, people are working on it:
  5. I found a small problem:

    Assume you have a grid with more columns than fits on the user's screen. A horizontal scrollbar will appear underneath the unlocked columns. Suppose the user scrolls all...
  6. As usual, awesome work...I wouldn't have been able to upgrade to Ext2 without this code. I do have one problem with the locking grid however.

    When editing a cell that is in a locked column, the...
  7. Thanks Condor! Somehow I totally missed that. This works perfectly :)
  8. This seems to be a pretty major issue to me. Any help? Thanks in advance!
  9. Found a pretty major bug using an editable locking grid.

    Only unlocked columns can have field editors. Locked columns that are editable do not display the editor at all.

    Any ideas?
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    +2 on this idea, I work in DC and would love to get this user group started.
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    Ext objects show behind flash objects, even when Ext.useShims = true.
  12. A while back, someone mentioned the IE6 scrollbar flashing bug:

    Any updates on fixing this? I also have this problem.

    Thanks Saki, this is an amazing extension.
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    any ideas anyone?

    I really appreciate it!
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    I have a viewport with the famous portal example running in the center region. When I drag a portlet to the bottom of a column so that it extends beyond the size of the view, in IE6 I end up with a...
  15. I have a combobox in a grid cell editor. When I click to edit the grid cell, it shows a horizontal scrollbar for no apparent reason. Please see the attached picture.

    What could this problem be?
  16. Still looking for a solution here. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. Does this work with editor grids?

    Also has anyone done a performance analysis to see what the implications of using column locking in ext2 are?
  18. I have an editor grid inside the center region of a viewport. The grid has many columns, and therefore will almost always require horizontal scrollbars. However, I need the left-most column to...
  19. Some background: I have a viewport with a center and east region. The center region is made up of multiple grids, each on its own tab. The east region is made up of multiple property grids, each on...
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    Great, thanks!:)
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    Thanks for the help. But howcome Property Grids don't have an xtype? When I call getXType() on a property grid, it returns "undefined".
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    I have a layout with editor grids, non-editor grids, and property grids on it. Suppose I have some mock-code:

    var myGrid = myapp.getGrid('someID');

    Suppose I don't know which type of...
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    I also need this. My application depends on it. Please consider re-adding it to the grid feature set!
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    The answer is posted on the following thread:

    Hope that helps!
  25. Very nice!!! Could be a big help.

    One question: does this also work with Ext 1.0?
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