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  1. Find the cause, a static variable is null in Util.isPhone() method.
  2. SenchaSDKTools Version: 2.0.0-beta3

    How can I let the "hidden" property to computer in class instance phase(not in class define phase)? As I know, it worked well before, but now failed on my...
  3. How can I disable the loadMask for a Ext.List? SetLoadingText method not works.
    Sencha Touch 2.1.0
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    Can showBy use animation as below?

    show: function() {, "slide", {
  5. If I didn't set the height of child Ext.List, the child list height will be 0.
    I want the child list's height to be auto, and let its parent Ext.Panel to scroll.

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    We have deploy a sencha build tool on linux os and it runs successfully for one year.
    This week, we find that generated "app-all.js" file has some "line break" in a single word as below.

  7. I mean it can show all items in the nested Ext.List and parents can be Scroll, thanks
  8. How can I display all items in Ext.List that are nested in Ex.Panel with right height?

    Ext.define('framework.view.ShoppingCart', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',alias : 'widget.ShoppingCart',id:...
  9. It happened when jump from one navigationview to another navigationview.
  10. Ext version tested:

    Steps to reproduce the problem:

    when event navigationview.activeitemchange( this, value, oldValue, eOpts ) fired
    The result that occurs instead:

  11. Sencha version tested:


    call container.destroy() that has a fieldset on it

    get an error when execute removeCls() for child #ext-fieldset component...
  12. we use sencha-touch-
    btw, if we put all selection components under all the textfield&textareafield, it will be ok.
  13. Put a textareafield under selectfield and datepickerfield like image 1.
    Set the focus to textareafield, then close the pop-up soft keyboard, get a blank like image 2.


  14. Fixed by codes:

    focusedElement = this.getAppointmentDetail().getFocusedField(); console.log(focusedElement);
    if (focusedElement) {
  15. You can find that the datepicker bar is covered by the soft keyboard in attached image.

    I try call textbox.blur() method to let the textbox lost the focus in datepickerfield's mousedown event,...
  16. sencha-touch-
    android 4.1 build-in browser

    1. Set the focus on a form textbox, system will show the soft keyboard.
    2. Click the datepickerfield component.

    Expected Result:...
  17. 1
  18. {name: "eventDate", type: "date", dateFormat: 'time'},

    I save the time value "eventDate: 1346947200000" to localstore, it will be change to '300009e' which is wrong.
  19. tested with sencha-touch-

    1. The last thing on the selection list cannot be choose.
    a lot of records in the list


    2. Year is not on the center, and the last one can not be...
  20. On iphone device, clicking on the right space of textbox will call submit button tap event.
  21. up
  22. Would you please send me the internal bug fixing codes?
    We like sencha, and will publish our app soon, thank you for your great support.
  23. Device:

    Samsung GALAXY Note
    Acer Iconia Tab A500
    (it works well on iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone)

    Sencha Version:

    Run with:
  24. I add some Chinese characters in js file, after build with sdk tool, find that they are changed to unreadable characters in app-all.js.
  25. both all-classes.js and app-all are not compressed, and contain comment lines

    all-classes.js and app-all like this:

    Copyright(c) 2012 Company Name
    Ext.define('TCConstant', {
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