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    Likewise. Just started happening within the last few hours or so.
  2. Bump. Still exists in 6.0.2.
  3. Anyone? Been three months now.
  4. Can we have an update on this please? Cannot check status of tickets in support portal as the hover on the linked JIRA IDs always yields "Could not load".
  5. Same as

    Pretty poor they haven't rushed to fix this. Best to stick with...
  6. Bump. How has this not been fixed? No mention of it in the nightly either. Not good enough.
  7. Yes, this has been my experience. We'll wait say 48hrs then, if no response, create a support ticket and they will respond. They will also refund the credits if it's a bug which is good.
  8. I requested this a while back and Cmd nightly does exactly this. Use the --j2ee switch eg.

    sencha app watch --j2ee

    See here
  9. Anyone?
  10. Will this be fixed? It's a bit of a blocker for us as we use often use pixel perfect absolute layouts thus not being able to have a TextArea the height we actually wan't is no good.
  11. Similar to this issue I raised
  12. Please see issue in

    I suspect it may get more attention in this forum as (we assume) it is a bug.
  13. Bump. My colleague raised this though he is on leave. Seems like a FF+Windows bug yes?
  14. For anyone interested, this is fixed in Cmd (nightly). By fixed I mean that your web.xml will be honoured by Jetty so now, you can not only run your EE app with Jetty, you can also use...
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    We are in the process of a v2 to v6 migration for a very large and complex app. It's a full re-write though we are able to re-use some of the existing v2 code, and most of it conceptually. It is...
  16. Bump
  17. Hi

    I could open a support ticket though not sure how much help my providing web.xml etc. will be as the issue is not with my web.xml or app.json, but with the fact that the Jetty server ignores my...
  18. Bump
  19. Hi

    Whilst this thread ( / SDKTOOLS-1062) addressed a similar issue to the below, the fix introduced another issue.

    If you have a JEE app which...
  20. You can set loader.cache to true in app.json. May not be the way to do it but works for me.

    "loader": {
    // This property controls how the loader manages caching for requests:
  21. Any update on this? If your Sencha app is also a JEE app with a WEB-INF/web.xml, Jetty gives 503 Service Unavailable.

    Also, is there any way to disable the web-server starting during sencha...
  22. Never moved from the lightning quick v2.3 - sure we heavily modified it, but we know it like the back of our hands and it does everything we want and is very extensible.
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    Whilst the ExtJS product is very good, backwards compat has been extremely poor since the beginning. Complete nightmare it was moving from ExtJS v1 -> v2. So much so that we have decided not to...
  24. I'll post them when back at work next week. In the meantime, search the forum for _getCacheIndex as I believe there was some discussion regarding this some time ago.
  25. Apologies as I seem to have taken this thread OT. However, i'll answer the questions raised ...

    2.3 works perfectly in all IEs if you send the right doctype or meta tag.

    IE <= 8 send <meta...
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