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  1. I'm seeing the same issue. Were you able to resolve this? My first carousel panel shows up fine. Second card not shown, I verified the DOM elements are rendered but they are not visible in the...
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    Anyone come up with a way to work around this?

    I have a Ext.List with grouping and 100 items. Testing on Android (Droid X, 1Ghz, should be fast) the scrolling is slow/unresponsive. I'm not...
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    Did you ever resolve this? I think I'm having the same problem with 3.2.1

    In FireBug I get "el is null" in getXY() in ext-base's getXY() method.
  4. Nevermind - I found the fix in SVN, used it in an override, all good now.
  5. I'm having what seems like the same problem running 3.2.1, although my doctype is strict.

    Watching very closely in IE7, the checkboxes appear for a split second then disappear. If I resize my...
  6. Anything I can do to help move this forward?
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    Tom thanks for this. Very useful, just solved a problem for me where natural Ext layout behavior caused a hscroll to appear whenever a vscroll is triggered even though the hscroll should not be...
  8. Ext version tested:
    Ext 3.1.0

    Adapter used:

    Browser versions tested against:
  9. I just found this same bug and I can confirm that meroy's override resolves the issue for me.
  10. I can confirm this bug, though I haven't yet tried the OP's proposed solution.
  11. Yes, that does indeed fix it. Thanks, I presume this will get fixed in a future build and I'll just need to run an edited CSS for now?

    I guess the reason it renders in the middle for the OP was...
  12. I'm having the same problem. In our case the drop-down arrow button appears all the way at the left of the box. I only see this problem in Safari, it is fine in FF and IE. I haven't tested Chrome...
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    Outstanding. Thanks, all is as expected now.
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    This plugin is great, thanks Animal. I'm noticing one problem: on fields which have *both* anchor and this plugin, the anchor is not taking effect.

    The x-form-field-wrap DIV has the correct...
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    The blackberry browser is the worst of any smartphone. AFAIK it does not support AJAX requests. Your GXT app is unlikely to work, though if you install Opera Mini on the blackberry you might have...
  16. There are other threads on this claiming it was fixed in SVN , but with the 3.0.3 release it is still a problem.

    .x-list-body {
    height: 100%;
  17. Thanks - changing to Object did indeed solve this problem, headers are going out as expected. I expected this to be 'plug compatible' with Ext.lib.Ajax but as you said I failed to read docs on this...
  18. One more issue: I pass an array of request headers, this was working as expected with plain Ext.lib.Ajax.

    With ext-basex my headers are not included in the request. This one isn't a proxied...
  19. I wasn't able to get it working with ext-basex 3.5, but 3.4 is working fine with the original code I posted.

    I'm still in the dark ages of ExtJS 2.2.1 if that explains anything.
  20. Ext 2.2.1, ext-basex 3.5


    Just trying basex for the first time. (pop!)

    I'm using it (or hoping to) for cross domain calls; I built a JSONP method on my server and did a simple example...
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    In my testing this change was critical to getting Safari working correctly. I had a bug where row-fit panels were not expanding/contracting width when a border layout slider was moved, this change...
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    Here's what I found, making this change in onLayout resolved my problems and it seems to be working with both FF and Safari as expected:

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    Extracting a test case from my massive app would be a chore - instead I'd like to isolate the problem a bit more and maybe I can just suggest a fix.

    Great component by the way. This is way more...
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    I had some significant problems in Safari with the latest version of this component (I had been using an older version).

    I have a TabPanel with dynamically added tabs that all contain a row-fit...
  25. Thanks for this thread - I was having the same problem and it let me to json2.js ( I'm now using that instead of Ext.decode and the problem with invalid chars is solved.
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