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  1. Should it be reported as bug in ExtJs
  2. Thank you for update.
    Yes. I have cell-edit and remote summary in this grid (removed for simplicity).
    Also I've tested without these features and plugins and have same problems:

    broken filter...
  3. Hi all
    I'm trying to port existing application from ExtJs 4.2.1 to 6.0.1. Now I have problem remote with filtering grid with filter type list.
    Initial filter menu appear just fine, but once I...
  4. I'm trying to port existing application from ExtJs 4.2.1 to 6.0.1
    The problem that in debugger I see that grid has 'ext-empty-store' store instead of 'store.accounting.Quota'
    I can load the store...
  5. "We encourage you to continue the discussion and to find an acceptable workaround while we work on a permanent fix." (c)

    The reason why I get into this problem was that I needed dynamic header's...
  6. It turn out that custom assignment to 'itemId' in grid column break edit/Update in RowEditing plugin (

    ,{text: 'Jan', width:50, itemId:'0/0', dataIndex : 'CF1'...
  7. Hope this snippet will help.

    Ext.define('' ,{
    extend: 'Ext.grid.Panel',
    alias : 'widget.CompanyAccessOptionsGroupGrid',
  8. Once you set property remoteSort: true in your grid definition ExtJs framework will send GET request with extra par-r

  9. Hi. I've tried to use your "dom" trick

    var container = form.down('container');
    var fieldset = container.down('fieldset');
    var codeNumberField =...
  10. Thanks for response. :)
    My point was: - Why I can NOT see response in batch.operations[0]?

    As a way around I did "Message alert in store's exception listener" and silent failure recovery in...
  11. To handle success or fail store.sync() I use to pass sync options with callbacks.

    var syncOptions = {controller:this,
  12. to castitas

    I kinda newbee when I have to deal with components which I haven't used yet.
    Could you please point me where I can insert that handler?

    Here is how I define TreePanel:

  13. Hi everybody.

    To simulate radio-button behavior I need to handle checkbox selection in TreePanel.
    In my use-case I may have several groups of mutual exclusive checkboxes.
    JSON to build tree...
  14. I thought 'success' is default value for successProperty (I have tried this).
    I use the same model in grid, model accept array of same jsons without any problem.
  15. Yes I use firebug, for some reason I copied response from debugger window and grab extra quote.

    Here is response taken from firebug console

  16. I have very strange Ext.form.Panel misbehavior. Form load() always return failure regardless that POST request sent and processed by servlet.

    Servlet response for load is:

    {"success":true, ...
  17. Would be interesting to hear comments from developers or support team, because I have same problem with both form.load/submit methods.
  18. So I had to write my own delete record in store

    var dealerGrid = me.getDealerSetupGrid();
    var dealerStore = me.getDealersDealerStore();
    var record =...
  19. Inside store.remove(record) uses standard javascript method indexOf(record) and this "indexof" return -1.
  20. I've tried that we the same result.
    Inside method Store:remove() argument wrapped in array, so it's safe to pass either One record or array of records.
  21. Record in console:

    Object { internalId=
    228, raw={...}, data={...}, more...}

    in inspector :
  22. Thank you Scott. It works.
    But still it's very weird because in ExtJS 4.0.0 this code works even I set Id.
    I'm doing refactoring and switch to ExtJs 4.1.0.

    Also could you please help me figure...
  23. on top described problem Store don't detect new records and call 'update' url instead of 'create'.

    var win = button.up('window');
    var form = win.down('form');
  24. Here we go.

  25. FYI only: I just recall that in
    'DealerDetailGrid dataview' were not only spaces but also tab-characters.
    Hope that this comment will help identify the problem.
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