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    Thanks Conor, that solves our problem too.

    We have some SVG drawings that can be used through out the whole application. But any of them may only use 1 tooltip (else the whole screen could be...
  2. The documentation shows to be an object, but actually returns a boolean.

    Glad to be of help.
  3. Thanks for the advice I will use focus.
  4. When putting a combobox inside an editorgrid you might want to expand it on focus. Expand doesn't work.
    What does is the onTriggerClick when used on the 'afterrender' and 'show' events.

  5. The function getColumnAt is not documented. I have checked the source code and it is avaible just above getColumnId which does something similair like: this.colums[i].id instead of this.columns[i]
  6. We had a similair problem, only with us the scroll position was reset when you change something in the store.

    To solve this we added some methods in our custom grid view editing this property:...
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    Thank you many times for this solution. In my humble opinion this should really be something to be natively implemented into ExtJs.

    Yes fancy new things are fun, but current components could use...
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    I'm not sure what your goal is.
    If you just want to do some simple operations on those results. Why not make a grid with handlers for cell clicks and icons to show up like buttons. You can reload a...
  9. This is the HTML editor

    this.contentField=new Ext.form.HtmlEditor({
    enableColors: true,
    enableFontSize: true,
    enableFont: false,
  10. However when you do. I would recommend to take this in consideration.
  11. I don't think it's possible. The problem is that the clipboard takes in and puts out many different things, sometimes it' s just a file location sometimes binairy data.
    The rest of the problem is...
  12. I use 3.2.1 and have a similair problem.

    The other thread I found:

    We use parameters inside the...
  13. Bump.
    Ext 3.2.1

    Same problem here. We use parameters inside the url for our secure file mechanism thus: index.php?bla=bla&id=234534534 something like that.
    After using the function...
  14. Hello Condor,

    Thanks, I have implemented that this morning and it works fine. Need a bit more time to see if it keeps working when the browser slows down a good bit when their is more activity....
  15. For clearification reasons we have added a column to our grid that show the data type of the cell next to it. (Every one of those columns have their own data type and editor)

    What I used to do on...
  16. I have the same problem with a working other example that does reset. Both are in the same code base and work both in IE as well as FF.

    Their is only 1 difference and that's that the not working...
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    My first reaction would be that that wouldn't turn in to a full formpanel when you only give it a form layout.

    I would try to do a getForm() on that and see if you can call reset().
    If the...
  18. One of the solutions I tried is making the last column of the grid create a new row with the renderer.

    Like this

    Although a dirty a solution it works partly. It breaks the...
  19. We have a grid that has the row expander and summery plugin.
    Both work fine, but we want an extra line of data beneath the row, where the expander will expander from.

    Something like this.
  20. This bug appears in IE 7 and FF 2.0

    I have not yet heard of that pluging should I give it a try?
  21. Thanks, push works also. Don't mind point 2 it's just something I wanted custom for this function. But I do found something additionally to the other problem I had.

    The root node is invisseble, so...
  22. Thanks, the cascade method did the trick.

    But their are 2 things I changed.
    1. Add doesn't exist on an array so I had to change that too.
    2. It doesn't check for attributes because I want the...
  23. To be able to process a number of actions on to a tree with users (dissable a team, uncheck a team when another team is selected) I need to have all the node objects which contain additional...
  24. To reduce server load we have made a little mechanism that loads the forms that go in to a tabpanel when a tab is selected. Which works fine.

    We use the events of a tree to control which forms...
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