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  1. I realise that Opera 10.5 is still alpha but I have noticed that toolbar buttons do not work. Everything else I have tested seems to work so far but clicking on a toolbar button doesn't trigger an...
  2. Firebug slows down pages with ext because of the size of the javascript.
    I'd be careful when timing how long it takes to load if firebug is enabled.
  3. bump... any progress on this one?
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    I'm currently developing two large applications in Ext but I use very different methods to split them up because they are very different in the way they work.

    The code for the Ext docs is there to...
  5. I have attached an image of what I get with the current extjs code and an image of after my fix is applied. If you have a max height of 300px for the combo then the problem occurs when there is less...
  6. I have had a problem with combo boxes going off the end of the screen if they don't have enough space. This can be seen with the basic combo example. ...
  7. oops :">, you are correct...
    I had specified a different specifier originally and that worked so I didn't realise I was in the wrong spot, even after rereading the documentation.
  8. If I specify labelSeparator:'' in a FormPanel colons are still appended to the end of each label. If I use a space it works.

    The documentation says:

    To turn off separators for all fields in...
  9. Hi,

    Not sure if this is a bug/doc bug or by design...

    I have a form defined like this:

    var search = {
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    Doc for Ext.util.Format.htmlEncode says that it converts
    &, <, >, and '

    The Code

    htmlEncode : function(value){
    return !value ? value : String(value).replace(/&/g, "&amp;").replace(/>/g,...
  11. Tested with SVN Rev 1522 in Firefox 2.

    Open the edit grid example and click in a cell to begin editing. If you hold down the tab key the editing cell is different to the cell with focus. Also if...
  12. bump...
  13. I think there is a bug in the onEditorKey function of Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel.

    In my app, when I am editing a grid cell and press shift+tab the editing cell moves right instead of left. This is...
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    returns a String. Documentation says it returns a Number
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    checkboxToggle is defined as Boolean.
    The code accepts either Boolean or an Object defining the "checkbox"

    EDIT: Fixed in SVN
  16. I'm not sure if you want bug reports for 2.0 yet? I thought there was a sticky about that but I can't see it...

    I have grids on tabs. When I change tabs (or do some other operations), I am calling...
  17. Thanks! Works fine.
  18. I am trying to create dynamic panels etc inside my main "center" panel in my Viewport. I can get this to work but if I add a TabPanel it's content height is 0. I have looked at this thread...
  19. thanks. that works even better :-)
  20. Thanks, that worked.
    I ended up doing

    var t = document.getElementById('top'); = null;

    // Change contents of t here
  21. I think every problem I've ever had with ext has been not being able to get the height of something to work properly :(

    I am using 1.01a.
    I have a BorderLayout defined as

    layout = new...
  22. Thanks Jack. The Tree works now. I can probably do something similar with the grid to get that to work.

    In case somebody else is reading this. I also had to add
    into the...
  23. I probably should have mentioned that I tried that also.
    I get the Title & Header rows, but no data rows visible.
    The html for the app is quite complicated so I will have to see if it occurs in a...
  24. I grabbed 2.0 last night and managed to create most of the interface for new project in a couple of hours. It's great :-)

    But I was also trying to update an old website to use the new grid. I have...
  25. Thanks for that. I'll see if I can create a workaround for now.
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