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    When i try to set minValue & maxValue for timefields as a string, it wont let me

    I try to use the drop down and it pulls dates

    Please fix
  2. Hrmm i just tried that code and having trouble reproducing it !

    Its weird, well it did go bananas on me in my production code. Oh man, code can drive you crazy at times
  3. Yeah 200%+ over maximum

    Try this, I tweaked some of your values

    Ext.require(['Ext.chart.*', 'Ext.chart.axis.Gauge', 'Ext.chart.series.*', 'Ext.Window']);

    Ext.onReady(function () {
  4. Yeah gauge graphs dont handle >200 values gracefully.

    Ok you can say that it shouldnt get fed rubbish data, and point taken. This is not a super critical issue, I'm sure theres a million more...
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    Yeah this is what i ended up doing

    series: [
    type: 'gauge',
    renderer: function(sprite, record, attributes, index, store) {
    var sprite2 = Ext.create('Ext.draw.Sprite', {...
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    I'm trying to get a label on my gauge chart and nothing works

    Any hints ?

    { xtype: 'chart',
    height: 125,
    id: 'chtOffset1',
    maxHeight: 200,
    maxWidth: 200,
  7. I ended up just implementing summaryType(records) and that worked ok.

    Example to help all you chaps out there :

    columns: [
  8. OK thank you for your interest

    This is my grid, tell me if you need any more.

    summaryRenderer just fires with junk data.

    I log the value, summaryData, dataIndex and none of the info is...
  9. This is still a pain. summaryRenderer function gets passed junky data, pretty blank :(

    Is there a way to get it from the data source ?
  10. OK i got it, I can paste in the function and add the "summary" type to the leaf node nested columns and it works ok. YAY
  11. I cant seem to get the above to work guys. Any pointers?

  12. Thanks dude sometimes word of mouth trumps docs
  13. Hi All,

    I have a grid with checkbox selection model. When i click on a row it deselects my current checks. or when i accidentally miss the check the same thing happens.

    I want the checkbox...
  14. OK this was my fault. I just setup a new project and when it forced me to set publish directory. It failed to copy anything when i did that.

    When it was changed it moved all the files in that...
  15. Since the last patch, seems like publishing is broken for me sometimes again.

    I was going ok but now it just does as described above, 0 File(s) copied even though changes were made to the project....
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    Nice, thanks once again Phil.

    Architect is coming along nicely, I still have a huge wishlist but I use it nearly every day and it does save me time.

    Keep up the good work, and never stop...
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    Because we have a way more complex development environment than you?

    For starters, I dont do all my work from localhost.

    If you have a niaive implementation then sure you have way less...
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    You should have a little more confidence in your programming and only need to quadrouple check stuff when you're in unknown territory. :)
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    This feature is an extra step for me with no gain. When i first saw it I went wow ok, maybe i can customise my deploy now. But this is completely featureless, so +1 to annoyance, -1 to gain

  20. This has happened again when I change the layout to absolute, then drag something into the absolute layout from somewhere else.
  21. Somehow (not quite sure how) my absolute layout component instead of having x & y properties as an int, it made them [Object obj] and so my deploy broke.

    Could have been the conversion script from...
  22. Everytime i change something in a tab that isnt the active tab, the tab panel reverts to the active tab so i have to flick back everytime or change the active tab. Its driving me insane and to...
  23. OK now I stumbled on this work-around.

    Click on Project Inspector - Application
    Add models, stores whatever
    Maybe this bug can be downgraded to "feature" now.
  24. Also (to make it three posts in a row!) when you move across a grid, it brings over its store. However moving over a store does not bring its model. So that forces me to do two imports or make a...
  25. OK here's a simple bug reproduction report. Its a little non-specific, but i think this should trigger a bug in build 442.
    Make a grid
    Make a store, attach to grid
    Export grid to file (xdc...
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