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  1. Lastly, How do you build a theme that uses these:

    import 'sencha-touch/base';
    import 'sencha-touch/base/all';

    and then have it be supported in all html 5 browsers.

    I have put in all the...
  2. Ok, If I rebuild using sencha cmd direct, it works if I take out all my customization. But then the file is bloated or huge. If didn't work if I had Architect build it using cmd.

    The color is...
  3. The only thing I see are 3 divs, and they are the full extent or view port, x-body, and x-center.
  4. Here is what it looks like. I am basically calling the Ext.Message.
  5. Here is what I see:

    <div class="x-container x-unsized x-msgbox-dark x-msgbox x-floating" id="ext-sheet-1" style="z-index: 999 !important; "><div class="x-dock x-dock-vertical x-unsized"...
  6. I am having an issue with Architect 3 and Sencha touch 2.3. For some reason the background and text of a message box are gray and un-readable. Plus, on chrome it never dismisses. For my theme...
  7. I just realized what I was doing wrong. I was styling the active color the same as the background color. It looked correct for all other features, classes, but didn't realized my selected, and...
  8. I am trying to finish a build using sencha touch 2.3.1. I have rebuilt the css using Architect, and change the value in the base _class.scss and it doesn't help.
  9. I am trying to finish a build using sencha touch 2.3.1. I have a field that has several check-boxes. for some reason the checkbox won't check. The value changes, but the color or background won't...
  10. I basically had to use Phonegap and use ChildBrowser to pop open a new webview and then spawn a login session using the default authentication from azure. I then returned the cookie. This cookie...
  11. Did you ever find a solution to this, this would be awesome if you could use the native map and not the javascript api.
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    That was it, or it gave me the info I needed. I didn't want to listen for all events, but I used this to do the same thing:


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    Is there a way to interupt the google maps a href links when a user by accident clicks the google icon, or the terms and conditions. I am trying to just redirect and use a so that the...
  14. This is awesome, oh course it comes after I build my own, and integrated with Azure already.
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    I have a list with a store that has a grouper assigned to it. This works perfect on data load, but if I add a new record to the list the grouper or at least the header in the list is not rendered...
  16. That fixed it for me as well. Thanks for the help.

  17. I am not using any sorters, just a simple filter and it is still very slow.
  18. Where do you put this code?
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    Make sure you have an OnMapMaprender defined. See below

    onMapMaprender: function(map, gmap, eOpts) {
    var me = this;
    mapCtrl.Map = map;
    mapCtrl.Map =...
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    It depends on where you are getting it from, but this is what I used...

    var locs = [];

    var latLng = new google.maps.LatLng(record.get('lat'),record.get('lng'));


  21. Yes, I verified the same thing, I create a simple example where I could switch between the ST 2.1.0 and 2.2.0 and the difference is very noticeable, if not unusable on the 2.2.0 side.
  22. Upon further investigation, it seems to only slow when a list is displayed, once that happens it goes down to a crawl, then any interaction with a list that is tied to the store is very very slow. ...
  23. I just update my project from ST 2.1.1 to 2.2.0 and now I am having all types of problems with LocalStoreage. I have the exact load function that loads around 500 records into my localStorage in...
  24. no, not a thing..
  25. It depends, but I fixed that, I can see the select, but it is disable and I cannot select anything until I close the form, which makes it useless. I have a panel with and embedded Container, the...
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