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  1. Good question. Didn't realise select() was supposed to accept anything other than an index number.!/api/Ext.mixin.Selectable-method-select

    From the docs it...
  2. I don't think so - even selecting the list on the painted event in the listview just gives the original data order rather than the new, sorted one. But something, somewhere, must have the new sort...
  3. Nobody have any ideas? My list (with store) looks like this:

    items: [
    xtype: "list",
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    What does your code look like? Try to replicate it using sencha fiddle:
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    Which environment are you testing in, and what does your code look like?
  6. I have a grouped list, in alphabetical order, and need to pre-select some of the list items.

  7. Ok, I had a look at DateExtras.js and saw that the line in question is surrounded by comments saying that it's deprecated. I've commented that line out since I guess it isn't needed anymore (although...
  8. Thanks FrankK - this does clear the ID issue (as does completely destroying the local storage and starting again which isn't ideal on production environments :) )

    Unhappily I still get a blank...
  9. I've got an application that works fine on ST2. I'm trying to upgrade it to ST2.1 but am getting the blank screen of death.

    The console shows me some errors when I import the ST library files:
  10. That is exactly right!

    Some day soon I swear I'll get the hang of finding the right place to look in the docs ;)

    Thank you!
  11. Probably a question with a really simple answer but I haven't been able to find an answer searching.

    I have a list with some data in it, depending on a setting, some of the list items are to be...
  12. Haduki, thanks so much! Appreciate the extra comments to describe what's going on, I didn't realise load() was asynchronous and would probably never have understood the relationship between the view...
  13. Hi Brice - thanks for the help! At this stage I realise the question is becoming more and more confused, which is a reflection of how muddled it is in my head. Your sample does work as intended.
  14. I'm still not having any luck with this.

    Assuming that the information needed to updated on show, I added a show function to my detail view:

    show: function(){ =...
  15. I've tried using a dataview, viz:

    xtype: "dataview",
    emptyText: "Nothing to display",
    store: "Contacts",
  16. Having trouble getting the output in a tpl working.


    // look up the contact by their ID
    var contactsStore = Ext.getStore("Contacts");
  17. Oh, that's great - it does save data now, thanks for that. Appreciate the help!
  18. Thanks for the response, George. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have changed anything.

    I do notice that the 'enabler-auth-store' object gets added to local storage as soon as the application...
  19. I'm trying to add a record to local storage but my code doesn't seem to be working. Have I misunderstood the process?


    Ext.define("", {
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