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  1. please provide fix or workaround for this issue ASAP

  2. Hi,

    we are using GXT 3.0.1

    we are using grouping grid with editor but when i click on cell the text field is moving-away/appearing-some-where_outside_the_cell.

    please find the attached code...
  3. Yes please. Go ahead and move this to open forums.

    Many thanks
  4. Hi All,

    Please help me in embedding a GWT Calendar in the application.
    Please reply .

  5. 'if you see the application in browser,
    keep an eye over "Reset" button under 2nd tab the "Photos Tab"
    because it will disappear as soon as you hit
    hit the Refresh button under 1st tab...
  6. Thanks for reply but its not working. We tried to set all three HideMode available but it makes no difference.

    However I will like to remind you the code given in my first post is plug-able, you...
  7. Hi,
    We have been facing problem with FramedPanel when using with TabPanel for long.

    Let's see the case:
    We have a PlainTabPanel with two Tabs.

    Tab 1 has VerticalLayoutContainer tabVLC1
    Tab 2...
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    I noticed that there is an another posting for the same issue created few months back.

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    Thanks for the update.

    If you have any workaround, please share with me.

    Thanks again!
    Arul Selvan
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    We are using GXT 3.0 in our application.
    FieldSet component is used for wrapping a grid and a button-bar. Facing an issue with showing the fieldset header in FireFox browser., it works fine in...
  11. Sorry, I didn't see that attach button for some reason. Test case now attached.

  12. I've created a test case that can reproduce the problem. In my example, the LiveGrid is inside a tab. It works fine when the grid is in the first tab (i.e. if it's visible when the page first loads)...
  13. Has anyone been able to get the LiveGrid to work when using UIBinder? I've used the LiveGrid example from the Explorer demo as a general guide but it isn't working for me. The app hangs when I...
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