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  1. Hi Albareto,
    I have tried to remove the plugin and tried and its working.. I am in the process of debugging...Will post if i get it working....

    Thanks for you help.
  2. Hi Albareto,
    The code u gave worked perfectly, but its not working for the code i am using. Really dont know what mistake i am making..Pls help..

    var grid = Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {
  3. Working GREAT for Tab panels but not for GRIDs...Please indicate what changes have to be done to make it compatible with Grids...
    Also facing some issues when there are scroll bars in the page...
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    I am facing issues when trying to use this over ride but am facing some issues.
    Can anyone please get the consolidated over rides and steps to achieve the buffered tree.
    Or is there any plugin to...
  5. I am building an application in extjs, the ext-all.js size is 1.4mb which is very big and not accepted by our technical architect. Anyone can help me on this.
  6. Grid panel resize not working while window resizes - ExtJs4.1. Please provide some solutions to get this done.
  7. Fixed by using view port,


    var childPanel1 = Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {
    title: 'Child Panel 1',
    renderTo: "customer",
  8. Thanks a lot for your reply
  9. Still it is not working.
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    Looks good. You can improve the UI for better visualization.
  11. I want to resize the panel according to window screen resizing. How can I get this done? This works perfect in 2.x but not working in 4.x. Please help me to get this fixed.

    I have tried this two...
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