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    I've recently been looking into this, and just got it working.

    Essentially when you define your actioncolumn, you still need to define a handler function for it.. From there you can then fire an...
  2. I should know this by now.. when in doubt check the documentation!

    This worked for me

    success: function(form, action) {
  3. Hi Guys

    I have a Popup window containing a form which submits data back via a Direct Store, now the form works fine and data is sent back to the server.. but how do I determine if the submit was...
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    I found 1 way around this, which was to add a listener to BeforeClose, but the interesting thing is calling Hide() on tab (p) did not work, instead I've had to call hide on both the tab and element.....
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    Hi Guys

    When clicking the close button on a tab, the Tab appears to be destroyed - How can I hide and remove it from the Tab Panel, rather than destroying it? Then at a later time re-show it?
  6. Thanks, I'll take a look at NodeJS, I've heard of it, but absolutely no idea what it does or how it works :D

    On the PHP front, I designed and developed the Mvc/Orm framework at we use on our...
  7. Hi Guys

    Can anybody recommend a PHP Framework that plays well with the ExtJS MVC structure?

    I'm writing an app that uses the ExtJS MVC structure and Ext Direct for communication calls, but I...
  8. Perfect!

    This has been driving me crazy for almost a week :D thanks you so much!
  9. Hi Guys

    I have a view that inherits from Toolbar, this toolbar contains several controls including buttons and combo boxes.. How do I access the individual controls objects from within the...
  10. Hi

    Sorry, I should have been more explicit. I want to set a default value on start up, the actual value is dependant on a couple of factors and needs to be set in the Controller Init() or...
  11. Hi Guys

    I'm new to ExtJS, I wrote a basic top-down app, which I'm now converting to the ExtJS MVC. The conversion is going well, but I cannot figure out the best way to access controls defined in...
  12. Brilliant, thanks JambaFun :)

    Note to Sencha, you need more tutorials on the basics!
  13. Hi Guys

    I have several combo boxes that will be used to define criteria for how a report is filtered. Each combo box will hold different data such as dates, products etc that need to be loaded...
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    Hi JoePie, sorry I can't help with, I'm a newb myself.. but I'd like to reply to JambaFuns comment - It depends, some people learn better following instruction, others learn by dissecting and...
  15. Thanks Skirtle :)
  16. Hi Everyone

    I'm an experienced backend developer, but complete beginner when it comes to javascript and extjs. I'm just playing around trying to learn.

    I've managed to get a Grid displaying...
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