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  1. Hi Joel,

    Thanks for the suggestion, it's very similar what I need.
  2. Hi,

    Does anybody know a good solution for displaying interactive tutroial for ExtJS based website?
    This is a list of JQuery-based plugins. Also I found an intro.js, but it doesn't work correctly...
  3. For some readon forum doesn't allow to post the whole debug information, but I have placed the log here:
  4. Hi Everybody,

    I'm using Sencha Cmd v3.1.2.342, Windows 7, Ext 4.1.3 and I got weird error in runtime.
    Can somebody explain how to fix it.

    [exec] [ERR]
    [exec] [ERR] BUILD FAILED
  5. Hi Mitchel,

    Thanks for the reply. It's clear for me.
    But it would nice to have configuration option for this action in the next releases.
  6. Make sure that you have updated your .sencha's meta information

    sencha app refresh
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    I used -sdk key. It helped.
  8. Hello,

    I'm working with a large application which a few different pages.
    Sencha CMD has "workspaces", it's very usefull feature. Many thanks for it.

    I want to use it in my project....
  9. Hi kpython,

    I made a quick workaround for this problem.
    I tested this function only for Bar-chart.

    Just require this file to your project.

    Hope it helps:
  10. Hello,

    I have a sencha touch application with "sharing via facebook " feature.
    As a temporary solution for sharing I'm using share.php.

    Is it possible to specify dynamic facebook metatags for...
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    Thank you, Scott.
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    I have a REST proxy and I want to save newly added data.
    Store sends POST request, but it sends "id" (primary key) variable too.

    Is this a way to remove "id" variable ( {id: 0, ...} )...
  13. You can add autoLoad parametr to your stores:!/api/
  14. Just another 5 cents from me:

    For example you can start from the 'light' Secnha version and use another Sencha benefits: Solid MVC background, EventQueue, Animation, etc.

    Probably it a may a...
  15. Also you can look at the
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    Hello Mitchel,

    Thanks for the reply.

    It was just an idea, how to make carousel user interface more friendly
  17. Santiago,

    Try to make next changes:
    layout : 'vbox', => layout: 'fit' Line 64

    And add 'flex' to the...
  18. Try to fire itemtap event manually:!/api/Ext.dataview.List-event-itemtap
  19. Hello,

    Is it possible to customize the scroll component for the scrollable container?
    I want to create something like this:

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    I added quick "fix" to the configuration of the my class:

    * Allows addition of behavior to the rendering phase.
    * Hide the top toolbar when component redered
  21. Probably you need to create Custom class, wich willbe extended from the Ext.Img

    And here you can provide custom template:

    template: [
    tag: 'span',
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    I have a carousel component with a dynamic elements.
    Is it possible to disable scroll in the "carousel" component if it has only one element?

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    You should specify tab configuration.

    Panel.js has next check:

    if (!tabConfig.title && !tabConfig.iconCls) {
    Ext.Logger.error('Adding a card to a tab container without specifying any tab...
  24. Hello Mitchell,

    Thank you for taking time.
    I tried this code but I got the same error.

    I changed controller to:

    detailsCnt: 'appListView > userDetails'
  25. Hello,

    Is it a possible to call custom function from the detail card instance?

    I have this NestedList component:

    Ext.define('App.view.AllWorksList', {
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