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    renderer: function(value, metaData, record){
    if(/* record has error */){
    metaData.tdCls += " x-form-invalid-field"; // Squiggly red lines
    metaData.tdAttr =...
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    yes, its a pretty simple validation.

    If the count of records in the grid panel is more then 15, and user clicks on the Go button. I have to show this grid panel with the red border. on mouse hover...
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    any help please....
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    I was not more presize in my previous mail.. appolosies for that.

    Now i have to validate the count of gridpanel to be between 1-15, ie.., 0 and count above 15 is not allowed.
    all this i am doing...
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    Hi Guys,

    I have a gridpanel and want to show a errortooltip on mouse hover as we see for textfields and combobox.
    Is there any inbuilt component to show this error styled tooltip for grid panel....
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    Copied CheckColumn.js from ux folder to my views, modified the renderer function where i have handled to take the record for grid and using id's of checkbox called appropriate styles.
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    Hi Guys,

    Below is one of the custom grid panel which as 2 checkcolumn for checkbox and another gridcolumn,
    I have to change the CSS for checkbox to override the default checkbox image with a...
  8. No this was a wrong coding implementation.

    I have rectified it.
  9. Hi All,

    I have a grid which has 2 Ext.ux.CheckColumn with another Grid column.
    On loading the user preferences(JSON obj from server), i have to check the checkboxes which was saved earlier....
  10. Hi All,

    I have a set of combobox, Text fields and Radio fields within a panel. I cannot use Fieldset here as its too complex mixture of all components (this was the requirement :D).
    I have a...
  11. can u remove the doctype and test it. between what browser are you using??
  12. Nope i dint get that..
    Please clarify more on this..

    My requirement is:
    Say i have 2 buttons, on button 1 action i am adding widget "xyz" to my panel1.
  13. Hi,

    I have small issue here,
    My senior team menber is creating a widget inside the panel as below


    but when i use the...
  14. Hi Friends,

    I have a Store which is loaded in controller1. But my controller2 can use the same data to display the view. I want to avoid loading the same store(i mean access service again from...
  15. ah... thanks :) still learning.
    An optional set of configuration properties that will be passed to the Ext.view.BoundList's constructor. Any configuration that is valid for BoundList can be...
  16. Hi Guys,

    I have a small combobox of say 50px to dispaly just 2 char data, I have to reduce the size of data view to 50px which is defaults to 70px.

    i have made my combobox matchFieldWidth :...
  17. Hmm. confused!!!.
    Did u mean it was the behaviour of the west region tab panel? Or u were not able to reprodude the image i have attached.
    I am an early bird in ExtJS. Could u please tell me how i...
  18. Hi,

    reffer to below example.!/example/layout/border.html

    in the above example the expand event(On click of header and not on Expand icon) displayes as...
  19. HI Guys,

    This issue is related to combobox in IE8 and IE9
    Ext.getCmp('ID').getValue() or rawValue picks the emptyText value from the combobox if the field is null.

    I have 2 combobox which...
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    Hi I did not find any example on this.. Could u please provide a short example file having more then 1 stores in same file
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    I was just wondering if we can have a nested stores, similar to nested models in Extjs4. i am thinking this just because, i have a 10 drop downs and 10 grids which uses the same model. hence i have...
  22. Hi Scott,
    tried as u mention earlier.

    var s3 = Ext.getCmp('selectedopptionsId3');
    if (s3) { s3.focus(); }
    but no luck here.

    and could u please tell me what to trace in my...
  23. HI Scott,

    the question was also to update the field name,
    But my part of the question is how to add the record in the column ?? so it will not keep making the rows for each record.
    i saw method...
  24. Hi guys update please..
    Atleast help me with what component I need to use here.. Pls

    Thanks Punith
  25. Hi here is the thing y before I was loosing the borders around the field when marked invalid.
    It was because I was making the field focus and also making it as invalid.
    My be this combination...
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