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  1. Here is my answer: qtip

    {text:'View Organization',target: 'iOMS', leaf:true,id:'viewOrg', xyz: 'test', qtip:'view organaizations'},
  2. Hi

    I want to add html alt message to my tree panel elements. On mouse over it should display alt message (like tooltip). Can you please give me some example for this.

  3. Replies

    I would like to show some custom message in grid panel when the store doesn't have the data.

    say 'No records found' or some value..

    could you please suggest me how i can achieve this....
  4. Hi,

    I have a requirement. In my page there are almost 5 grid panels are there. I have a service call which will return one big json strng. i want to display this string into all the panels.
  5. Hi, I am new to extjs.

    As per the requirement when we don't have any data returned from the store, or some exception message from server, I want to display custom message or exception message sent...
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