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  1. The problem is with sencha touch 2.1.1. It's working if I use sencha touch 2.1.0. Please checkout the following link
  2. When i use apple css and set scrollable to false for formpanel, inner items are not showing. But if i use secnah touch css, they are showing.

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyContainer', {
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    Is it possible to show dataview items by group like list? If possbile then how to accomplish it?
  4. Thanks mitchellsimoens for you reply.
    How to achieve it. Any sample codes?
  5. I'm wondering if drag n drop short list like the functionality of iPhone bookmark possible in Sencha touch 2.

    I've searched through many sencha touch Q&A but didn't find any suitable answer.
  6. thanks mitchellsimoens :)
  7. In Sencha touch 2 xtype: 'numberfield' creates a input which type is number. I want to create a input field which input type will be tel. How to do it?

    I want a input like

  8. Yes i've set height 200. I've tried fixed height, weidth also % , nothing worked.
  9. I'm trying to show youtube video in sencha touch 2. The problem is the video chopping off on rotation changes or scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

    This is the initial view in landscape.
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