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  1. You might likely be missing the plugin CSS to be included in your main CSS or JSP or however you reference
  2. Any thoughts or directions here much appreciated!!
  3. I have to correct myself here, junk characters are not really junk but left over characters from hidden columns. So, on hide, it is not rendering the td as display:none but then somehow making it...
  4. I have set filterable:true on columns and then using the FiltersFeature from Ext.ux.
  5. This is for Ext JS4 and I have implemented a grid backed by JSON store. I have columns hideable to true sothat ColumnHeader menu shows up with hide/unhide feature. Hide/Unhide all works but when I...
  6. I have to implement a basic filter via the Column header menu on my grid. I am unable to find Ext JS 4 examples for the same, any help much appreciated!!
    Sencha docs seem to suggest to only use...
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