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    ... Excuse me I forgot adding the MIME type in my .htaccess file.

    When I put AddType application/json json I receive the following error :

    And when I put AddType application/javascript json I...
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    I made a small application that consume the Twitter REST API to print the last #hello tweets.
    Here is my store code :

    Ext.regStore('TweetsStore', {
    model: 'Tweet',
    proxy: {
  3. Ok I understand,

    For now I have try my service with the chrome app "Client Rest Simple", and it works.
    I can put my URL, the headers Accept: application/json, and I get a valid JSON.

    So in my...
  4. So you think the problem is the the web service does not respond a json message?

    Is my store correct?
  5. hello,

    I try to do a simple MVC application with remote resources, contained in a JSON file.

    I have :

    My model :

    Ext.regModel("Alert", { fields: [
    {name: "Id", type: "int"},
  6. Thank you for your answer
  7. hello,

    I just want to know why with the offline example ( we can access to a remote web service directly in the JS, without any PHP or...
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