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  1. store.loadData method

    In extjs 3 loadData would take an object that the store would read by utilizing the root and totalRecords property. This allowed manual binding very nicely on a server bound scenario. I'm currently...
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    Extjs 4

    Is this supported natively in Extjs 4? I will be needing to implement a few of these but based on the demos I've looked it doesn't to support it or if some can point me to example that would be great.
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    Extjs 4 Nested grid

    Hi Guys,
    I looked for an existing thread that touches this topic but I couldn't find it.
    Are nested grid supported in Ext Js 4? if so are there any examples yet.

    I've read some blogs and people...
  4. Hi I'm currently trying your suggestion but when...

    Hi I'm currently trying your suggestion but when I try to encode the cm.config I get an
    range error. "Maximum call stack size exceeded"

    I'm I'm missing something??
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    Serializing a grid columns model

    I need to serialize the grid's column model. The premise is that I need to be able to store the grid configuration to the database for reuse and I'm trying to accomplish this by serializing the...
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