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  1. I am sorry but is there any way I can use to reconfigure the sm of grid
  2. Yes I did thank you
    but I used two column model one is the default for the first time and other is when user changes the columns
  3. thank you
    I got an idea with this example
    what I am trying to do is, there are 40 columns and user will select the columns which he wants to be appear
    so there is an array of columns which are to...
  4. hello,
    could you please let me know how you are getting array from server
    if you could give a small example that would be much help
    thank you
  5. pls let me know if you solved this problem..

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    sorry but i m also getting the same error in IE8
    any solution ?
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    I just entered here
    Its happening to me also, any solution you found pls let me know
  8. Perfect =D>
    This solve the error at once!!!
    I had an extra comma after column headers in grid

    Thanks a lot!
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