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  1. Can someone explain where should these FIXES / OVERRIDES / ETX be pasted to? Main .js file? Controller file?
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    I have similar problem. When I update a record and use strore.sync() multiple records are sent.

    Here is my model

    Ext.define('Maintenance.model.Expense', { extend: '',...
  3. I believe that this is a major issue and either i'm doing something wrong or it's a bug.
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    I included Downloadify code from here

    and i get the same error with the Style described 2 posts above...
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    I downloaded the code from here

    It throws an error Uncaught ReferenceError: Downloadify is not defined

    What should I do to make it working? There are...
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    Any news on the matter? did u check on this problem?
  7. Anyone else? any ideas on the matter?
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    I want the user to be able to select among labels and the store to be filtered with the actual values. The actual value is an int 1to 7 and there is a renderer that displays the respective label. So...
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    Any ideas or suggestions?
  10. ok found it. It's "fieldCls" config. Although i think readOnlyCls should be applied to the field not the label. Or there should be two cls' one for each like readOnlyLabelCls and readOnlyFieldCls.
  11. How can I change the style (font-color, background) of a field? I tried "style" config but it changes the label's style. Tried readOnlyCLs, that too changes the label's style. I need to change the...
  12. done, no change, same problem.
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    var filters = { ftype: 'filters',
    filterCls: 'filtcolumn',
    autoReload: true,
    encode: false,
    menuFilterText: 'Φίλτρα',
    local: true,
    filters: [
    type: 'string',...
  14. thanks. that's what i did.

    var evts=0; var rprs=0;
    store.each(function(record) {
    var rep = record.get('EvtRepaired');
    if(rep==0 || !rep || rep=="") {
  15. Is there a way to conitionally count the records of a store, ie. those records that have a specific value in a given field?
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    I have a grid column that gets values from 1-7 and a renderer that renders a text label according to the value. I want to add a filter using the filters feature that lets the user select one of...
  17. edtSth:function(button) { var win = button.up('window'),
    form = win.down('form'),
    record = form.getRecord();
    values = form.getValues();
    if (!values.SthItem ||...
  18. the only way i found to workaround this problem is to load the store again. But i think that's not normal cause if there is a lot of data doing that for every change would be time-consuming and...
  19. I have a grid that uses grouping summary and a remote proxy. On double clicking any row a form pops up to edit the values of this row and then syncs the store with the DB. All goes well if I don't...
  20. well it looks like works fine for me though u had it commented out and replaced with which gives me the error...
  21. The update functionality doesn't work? Add neither, given it uses the update functionality...

    Error message "Cannot call method save of undefind"

    Any ideas why?
  22. Thx a lot!
  23. I have a treepanel using a treestore with an ajax proxy to an php file generating some json code. I want to dynamically reload my tree. So I call

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