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  1. [INFOREQ] Getting closer (I think)

    OK, I created a subdirectory to the resources folder called "external", and I copied my needed js file there, then added a "js": [{"path": "resources/external/FILENAME.js"}], entry into my app.json...
  2. [INFOREQ] Now working under 2.1, but...

    I was finally able to install the 2.1 SDK and the new Sencha command ( The app works fine in the browser, but now I can't seem to get it going in the iOS Simulator.

    I use the usual...
  3. [INFOREQ] Sencha Touch doesn't allow me to generate a new...

    Sencha Touch doesn't allow me to generate a new (or run an upgraded) app because chart (.js) files are missing. (I either get a 403 or 404 error, depending on the situation.) This is somewhat true of...
  4. [INFOREQ] All manner of problems with the 2.1 release. ...

    All manner of problems with the 2.1 release.

    sdk is out of whack... Files not included or not found (e.g. any Chart-related source); Sencha command doesn't seem to play nice with it (e.g. can't...
  5. Never mind

    I looked around and saw, in the app.json file, the following:

    * Extra resources to be copied along when build
    "resources": [
  6. Including HTML (or other) files in a package

    I have some HTML (and other) files containing help/FAQ and other information for my app.

    FYI: I retrieve the text contents of these files using an Ext.Ajax.request, and load them into a panel...
  7. [INFOREQ] I'll do that and get back to you. Thanks.

    I'll do that and get back to you. Thanks.
  8. [INFOREQ] I'm on

    I'm on
  9. [INFOREQ] Panel list missing Ext.mixin.Selectable on occasion

    There seems to be a problem with lists on panels.

    I'd create two panels, each with one of the panel items being a list (xtype: 'list'). These panels and lists are identical in every way but name...
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    Slip of the mouse

    Sorry, pressed the wrong button. If this can be fixed, let me know.
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    Thank you

    Who knew I could have a store without a Store?
    That worked wonderfully. I'm very grateful.
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    Already tried XTemplate.overwrite method, btw

    I've tried the XTemplate 'overwrite' method, but that didn't seem to do anything. Maybe I don't have the right 'el' (element) as the first parm, or maybe I have to do some special kind of re-display...
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    List update without a store

    I've tried umpteen number of ways to do this, but it would seem you can't get a list to refresh once the data has been updated. It works automatically when binding the list to a store, but not when...
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    Thank you, all. Just what I needed. (I should have poked around a bit more, first, before wasting your time.)
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    Sencha Touch API Docs to download

    Is there a downloadable version of the API docs, preferably in PDF form? I would't mind having the lookup capability when I'm away from WiFi. Please advise. Thanks.
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