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  1. No idea?

    I want to produce markup like tis:

    <span style="width:20px; left:0">{cinemaHallNr}</span>
    <span style="width:{duration};...
  2. It is for a cinema-app

    Every row represents a cinema hall, and the items from left to right representing the shows. If you tap on an item, you can see the details of the film.

    Thank you
  3. Unfortunately it is not my desicion, how to display the items and their relation.
    It has to be as i described. :(

    But i dont know where to put the code, to build souch a grid in a Panel.
  4. Thank you for answering.

    How can i do that otherwise?

    I have to display up to 10 items (locations) from top to bottom and the eventtime from left to right (position on a timeline based on the...
  5. Okay, that was what i wanted to know.

    Thanks a lot
  6. Hello,

    thank you for your answer.

    An is it possible to use my own key or is it always the name of the model,
    and than key/value pairs as json-data as "value".

    Thanks :)
  7. Hello,

    i try to build an app showing multiple events for one location on a timeline from left to right.
    From top to bottom i want to show each location.

    Is it possible to put a list in every...
  8. Hello,

    i try to use the local storage to save app-preferences, but every time i do, i get a new data record.

    How can i override an existing record?
    I tried to implement a field for "id" in my...
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