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    The layout redrawing is probably what is slowing things down. Try this:

    console.timeStamp("hide start");
    Ext.each(grid.headerCt.getGridColumns(), function (column) {
  2. Can you post an example of your code on a fiddle?
  3. You'd have to build the loop function to do that. On the combobox, I assume you have a displayField attribute. For this example, let's say it is displayField : 'name'

    You'd loop like this to...
  4. It gets you an array of model instances that are in the Store. For each model instance, you'd do something like: model.getData()

    If you are looking for a specific data point, use: ...
  5. This will get you the list of items in the store backing the combobox:

    var combo = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('combobox[name=comboName]')][0];
    var options = combo.getStore().getRange();

  6. Display fields use standard field height of 24px. I'd recommend creating a CSS class to change this. Here is a fiddle using straight style changes to accomplish the same thing:


    Hope this...
  7. Arrays are passed/returned by reference (assuming the terminology is correct), so you are modifying the original array that is used to compare if a change has been made. i.e. it compares it to...
  8. I believe the getFilters() is returning a reference to the same instance that is cleared on clearFilters(). So the filters collection is empty when you call setFilters(filters). Or that...
  9. If you only have one instance of a particular store, just declare the store in the controller's stores array and use 'var store = this.getStore('myDelcaredStore')' in any of the methods of the...
  10. Our scenario is a little different, but the way we handle a file upload responses is to wrap it in a textarea:
    (content type : "text/html")

    <textarea>{success : true,...
  11. Would this work?'load', function(store, records) {
    store.sort({ property: 'name', direction: 'DESC' });
    }, this, { single : true });;
  12. Hide all except first example:

    Ext.Array.each(grid.getColumns(), function(column, index) {
    if (index > 0) {
  13. At this point, you'd need to post an example of your code configuration. I'm using 5.1 and the above method with no problems. To scope this, I'm using an Ajax Proxy with a JSON reader/writer
  14. Just to clarify, the <input type="file"> field is represented by the button only. The visible 'text field' on the Ext filefield component is decoration only, used to show the file selected with the...
  15. I don't have an answer to why params don't work anymore, but an alternative to this would be:

    store.getProxy().setExtraParams({filter : 'ACOSTA', field : 'NOMBRE'});

  16. Not sure why you need focus on the text field. Comments in code state that the text field is decorative only.

    Here is a hack, but it does cause a different render problem....
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    The default changed with Ext 5.x. You'll need to config the proxy's writer to send all data points. something like:

    writeAllFields : true,
    allDataOptions : {
  18. the 'locked' side of the view must have a fixed width on each column. On the other side, do not set a width/minWidth on the columns, just use flex. also add 'cellWrap : true' to the columns so the...
  19. I know Observable is intended to be used as a mixin. What is the benefit of doing the above, instead of extending it, especially if your new class is generic and not extending something else? The...
  20. Tagfield in this version has a lot of issues. Here is an update for the above override that also addresses an error seen when typing in the tag field:

    * Overrides.form.field.Tag
  21. See this thread's post:
  22. There are a couple of issues here with this. First the override I previously posted is flawed, but I use Ext 5.1.0 so I never came back to it. Try this override in your fiddle:

  23. Not sure, but maybe you need to call me.callParent(); before trying to reference me.el.
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    you could try:

    url : 'newUrl'

    Hope this helps.
  25. These are on the store's proxy. You should try this:

    var store = // get the store reference for loading
    var proxy = store.getProxy();
    page : 2,
    limit : 100...
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