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    Issues in implementing Live Grid


    When I am trying to implement Live Grid functionality in my application I have encountered the following issues :
    1) The vertical scroll bar which gets attached to the grid after setting...
  2. Is nested grouping possible in GXT 3.0.6 ?

    Hello team,

    Is nested grouping possible to be implemented by GXT 3.0.6 in the grid ,. ie First time you do a group by of Column A, now again do a group by of Column B- this time based on the...
  3. Column Header Height diminishing issue with IE9


    I am currently using the 3.0.6 GXT jar for creating the GXT Grid in my project.
    When I launch the application in IE9 , the columns at first appear in the created Grid but after 2-3 seconds...
  4. Paging Grid,grid filtering,row number,grouping etc in a single grid GXT

    Hi Colin,

    I have used the attached code in my customized memory proxy class for local pagination.
    Now the issue is that the other features like grid filtering, row numbering , grouping ,sorting...
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