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  1. How do i catch double click event in gxt grid?

    Here is what i am trying to do it. But double click event never fire this code.

    grid.getSelectionModel().addListener(Events.DoubleClick, new...
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    Any help is appreciated.
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    I am getting page not found error. Does it allow cross domain access?
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    It is not that i need to use Iframe. All i want is to open url in a panel while panel renders.
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    I try opening url in a panel when it rendered. I used IFrame to rendered the component. Iframe code i took it from some of the post. But it throwing a 'page not found' error. can anybody help me...
  6. Sorry. Here is the code. I used AdvanceOptionPaneltypography css class for panel cls config option. It is applied for body element not for head element. i want to know how to overwrite the panel...
  7. i tried cls class in the panel. but it doesn't honor my changes. It overwrite my changes.
  8. Hi,
    how can i overwrite the panel header element style and tbar style.
  9. <html>
    <title>Simple Border Layout</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../ext/resources/css/ext-all.css" />

    <!-- GC -->
    <!-- LIBS -->
  10. I am having problem in border layout within another border layout panel.
    i have border layout panel with all five regions. In the north region i have another border layout which has center and south...
  11. Thank you. I found the request. i was looking at only JS tabl Net. I have to add
    <add name="HttpPost" />
    <add name="HttpGet" />
    in the...
  12. here is the code i added.

    var vport = new Ext.Viewport({
    items: [ form2 ]
    });{params:{start:0, limit:25}});
  13. hi,
    i have added the following code in the end to load the grid before it rendered. it makes call to server in the external domain. but i am not able see request in Firebug even in the net tab....
  14. HI, i am having problem making a request to the cross domain url. I am using following code to make a request. I debug the code. i don't see any request made to the server.

    it doesn't execute the...
  15. I Resolved the problem. The problem is i am trying to extend the Field instead of TextField.
    change this line
    Ext.extend(My.ux.Fields.UserName, Ext.form.Field,
    to ...
  16. HI, I am new to ExtJS. I have created new vtypes. I have extended the Textfield and created the custom field with my new vtype. it is not doing the vtype validation. can anyone help resolve this.
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