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    Hi yyogev,

    I am using the libraries you kindly provided in your zip file in the above post with Ext3.4 (I am using group summaries)

    However I have a problem in that the header row has a blank...
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    Well, whilst my issue was because my ColumnModel has dataindex and not dataIndex specified.

    It looks like yours is caused because your GroupField isn't included in your colModel.
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    OK I understand what you mean by the difference between the two Stores, what I don't understand is your vague refereence to Arrayifying the JsonStores data!

    Could you please explain how you have...
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    Hey, I am having exactly the same issue as you.

    Have you found any solution yet?

    I have searched the forums to no avail, although this one might be of some help.
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    naranda, I take it your PHP just takes the xml stream passed to it (via the POST) and saves it as a local file?

    Could you maybe post the PHP too (would be helpful being a PHP noob)

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    I've just implemented the ItemSelector using Ext3.0 and am having problems with the sorting.

    I am using a pre-loaded DataStoe as my source for the fromList, which works fine (it has 525...
  7. OK, have some code, hopefully it'll explain it a bit better


    // array reader, what we populate the data with
    var myReader = new...
  8. Sorry, DBA speak, RBAR == Row by Agonising Row...

    Due to the way Oracle Portal works (or the way we use it) we have to call store.loaddata for each row that is returned from the DB.

    If you have...
  9. I wish I could use the store load event but unfortunately, due to using Ext with Oracle Portal, we load records RBAR.

    This event fires everytime you execute store.loadData()!!

    BTW what I...
  10. Hey bluaish, I've recently had the same problem.

    The only way I've been able to get around it is by hooking the window.onload.

    So, in my javascript, before anything else, I have :-

  11. Hi,

    We have a GridPanel which contains a GroupingView.

    When we load the grid we would like to progarammatically expand one of the groups (all groups start off collapsed by default).

    I have...
  12. Thanks a lot guys, I have managed to get the GridSummary and GroupSummary working in the same grid.

    Although I haven't tried changing the summaryRenderer to add the GroupSummary name.
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