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    It seems that clearSelection() is also not working.
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    The setSelection is indeed not working correctly
  3. I'm trting to create a combobox like in the example

    The only difference is that im trying to get the information from the server instead of a...
  4. I know it isn't implemented, I've created the function myself.
    I made a subclass of MultiField (which a custom RadioGroup en CheckBoxGroup extends) and made the blocksize part in there myself.
  5. I checked the html as you asked, it's a bit odd.
    But there is some logic in it; it creates 5 vertical blocks and then goes filling it
    First block gets 1
    Fifth block gets 5
    First block gets 6...
  6. Thanks, but that is not exactly what i ment.

    It's been a while so I already made a fix myself.
    I created my own SetOrientationBlockSize method for the MultieField widget

    I you make a vertical...
  7. GXT is mostly UI related objects.
    For stuff like uploading files you should look into GWT.
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    For easy use of MVP in GWT you should try MVP4g
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    *kick* anyone?
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    Hey guys, i've got another question.

    I've got a object called GXTQuestion it extends from FormPanel. During runtime some values are saved in there like which answer was given by the user.
    At the...
  11. Hello guys,

    I'm working on some kind of questionlist in GXT. I have a question with around 20 answeroptions.
    I wish to put these options (radioboxes in a group) in a horizantal and vertical...
  12. Works like a charm!
    Thank you.
  13. *kick*
  14. Anyone help me, please. I really need this, been searching google for a day.
    But I have no idea how i can check this!
  15. I feel stupid to ask, but can you give me a small example code?
    Tried a few checks but it doesn't work, google aint helping either.

    Here is a part of my code.
    There are all CheckBoxes in the...
  16. Hey guys,

    I have a few Radio and Checkboxes, got a onClick event listener on them.
    When i click on the radio or CheckBox itself, it works perfect.
    Ben when i press on the label the event fires...
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    Hey guys, need some help again.

    I have a tabpanel with 4 tabs. Inside these tabs there are some forms.
    In tab1 i have a dropdown box. While running the user selects a value for the dropdown box...
  18. Problem solved.
    IE needs a form to be able to display those groups.

    Made GXTQuestion extend from FormPanel instead of FieldSet. Now it works on all browsers
  19. Oke here is my code.

    I created a object called GXTQuestion wich extends the FieldSet. In there i have a method called build()
    Here is the code to build a question with a RadioGroup

  20. Im working on a GWT/GXT project.
    Creating some questions with possible answers in a checkbox or radio.

    I create a fieldset, add a TextLabel for the question and then add the RadioGroup or...
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