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  1. [FIXED] It seems to be we cannot run gwt devmode with...

    It seems to be we cannot run gwt devmode with assertions disabled (Source : link ). Assertions are enabled in code level as per the implementation of CompilingClassLoader . Has anyone succeeded with...
  2. Thanks for the response. Yes I understood why...

    Thanks for the response.

    Yes I understood why it is not calling validator.validate() method. But as per the document of textfield.setValidator(...) method it should be called when all basic...
  3. Text field validate method not calling validator

    I have a formpanel which has only one text field. I have added few validations via setValidator() method. I am calling textfield.validate() method on click of submit button. But...
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    Tabbing issue in form panel

    Recently I have developed a screen which is exactly similar to the gxt demo's advanced form. In that example if we press tab key from First name field, focus goes to Company field. But in my...
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    How to change grid's alternate row style?

    I am using gxt's editor grid. In that I am using grid.setStripeRows(true) . I can able to see alternate record styles now. But how to change the background color of the alternate records? One option...
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    Scroll issue in livegridview

    Hi ,

    Recently I found an issue with livegridview. Below are the steps to reproduce

    1) Open the livegrid in the gxt demo website.

    2) Scroll down little bit in the grid. It shows some records...
  7. How to set the style to modified records in grid

    In my gxt grid a if cell is modified I have to change the style for that cell. Once changes in store is committed I have to remove that style. I think gxt supports that. How to achive in my...
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    Thanks sven. In my requirement I have to...

    Thanks sven.

    In my requirement I have to display 15000 records in the grid. At the page load itself I am bringing all the records to client side. But while displaying based on the scroll I will...
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    Drag and drop in livegrid

    Recently I am working with gxt livegridview. In this I want to have the feature where user can reorder the records (sample link : After implementing...
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    Sources jar for gxt 2.2.1-2.0 version

    Can anyone please post me the url to download gxt-2.2.1-2.0 sources jar. I want to debug some of the code in
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