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  1. Sure, in your index.html you should see an inline script tag defining the Ext.beforeLoad function. Return 'classic' there to match your classic build. You could then comment out the modern build in...
  2. If you are using Cmd you can place the override in the overrides/viewport/Android.js and run a "sencha app build testing" or "sencha app watch" so that Cmd can tell Ext JS to load the Android.js...
  3. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  4. I am easily able to reproduce this, I had this come up last week when a colleague asked if I had ever seen an error and like Evan said above in this thread is due to the observable mixin constructor...
  5. Does this happen to be Android device mode?
  6. Things have changed in Cmd and if you are using a new Cmd with classpath in app.json, the sencha.cfg's classpath will be ignored.
  7. Have you run a build yet?

    sencha app build testing

    or use app watch

    sencha app watch modern
  8. Yeah, I like using the launch method as it's after most of the processing the application does. In fact, I believe only executing any global controller's launch method comes after it.
  9. ViewControllers are bound to views whereas global controllers are bound to the application instance. Due to these bindings, a ViewController has no knowledge of an application instance because...
  10. Loading of a store is asynchronous so you will always have a racing condition. I would suggest not using mainView. Add the store to the stores array in your application (or just create an instance in...
  11. You can get the application instance from your application's namespace:
  12. Moved this thread into the Inspector forum.

    For beta, you may be interested in this thread:!
  13. On behalf of Sencha, I am pleased to announce that we have posted Sencha Inspector Beta for public download.

    You can download the beta for OSX and Windows. Updated documentation can be found here,...
  14. You may want to use the [CODE]...[/CODE} when posting code.
  15. When you disable the grid, it will be masked (a <div> will be placed over it) which captures things like click and scroll so technically the grid is never unscrollabled. :)

    I personally haven't...
  16. Each container should have a layoutSuspendCount property. If 1 or more, a layout is suspended.
  17. What you return has to be valid JavaScript. The way JsonP works is it creates a <script> and when that <script> loads it executes the function that is wrapping your actual Json data, in this case...
  18. It is my pleasure to announce that Ext JS 4.2.4 is available for download. This is a support subscriber only release. To download it, please visit the Support Portal.

    The updated API documentation...
  19. If you add a record to the store, sync the store then your server returns the data for that record and the store will automatically update the record with that data including the new ID. This should...
  20. Hey Brian! Great UX!

    Looking at your mixin, I think it can be a little more tuned using the config object:


    I also got rid of the 'hide-badge' class and just rely on the 'abp-badge' and...
  21. It's not cruft for an app, it's cruft for a bug report
  22. The reason I create as simple of a test case as I can is to get rid of any other cruft and build from there until the cause is found. For a bug report like this, ViewModel/ViewController/Context menu...
  23. Trying to start with a simpler test case, I cannot reproduce:

  24. You would need to use a proxy like LocalStorage so it's actually saved on the device. If you rely just on memory, this can be purged by the OS if the app is closed.
  25. This is because the only thing that we have in the DOM is the display value and therefor it looks up the record in the store by that display value.
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