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    In a word (and IMHO...): NO.

    The fundamental nature of all JavaScript code is that it is provided to the client-side in source code form. But on the flip side of that, the only purpose of "all...
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    I wish you only the best.
  3. Every record in the Store must have a unique identifier (a "primary key").

    This identifier is not "part of the data record." You should never use a primary key value as anything other than a...
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    I don't know anything, really, about the company .. its history or products or future ambitions .. but I daresay that it finds itself in mostly the same position as every other open-source /...
  5. Well, as you know, "the parameters to an AJAX request" are simply a JavaScript object (a "hash," to an old Perl-hound like me). And, so are any of the records in a Store.

    The one thing that you...
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    So what? It's a JavaScript GUI-framework. Maybe it will evolve into something more. Given the rate-of-change of computer software and hardware technology, the effective lifespan of...
  7. I think that what folks are saying is this:

    On the server, and by some means known only to it, you'll have a thread (or a daemon or service or whatnot) that is polling that serial-port and...
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    It is possible to write code that issues an AJAX call that returns JavaScript, which you then eval() into the execution environment. I've seen people who work on very large apps making reference to...
  9. Let's just all remember ...

    This is a very public place.
    Usually the best button to click after venting your spleen is: Cancel. (That way, "it feels good and it doesn't hurt anybody.")
  10. It's best to think of ExtJS as a GUI-builder. It's really just trying to deal with the end-user's display. So, the extent of what gets shipped to the client ought to be, "enough to display, now." ...
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    The term, "AJAX," literally refers to the way that the client and the host work with one another: what they say to each other, when they say it, and what the messages contain.

    ExtJS is a...
  12. I have found it to be the case that render-events need "delay: 100, single: true."

    This imposes a very slight delay ... too short to be noticed ... after the event has been signaled before the...
  13. The decision of whether-or-not to use "a hidden input-field" depends of course on whether-or-not the ExtJS Form in question is, in fact, "an HTML <form>."

    It's possible that your form is actually...
  14. You definitely want to have the server be responsible for the data storage and handling; not the client side.

    I'm not sure from your description "who's doing the polling, and who's gathering the...
  15. I am hugely interested in this topic.

    For (too many) years, I wrote code ... very good code, I might add ... but I tested it "for me." After enough time where "it worked for me," I released it. ...
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    But this is not an ExtJS issue anyhow: afaik, the client-side knows nothing at all about LDAP. That's strictly a server-side consideration.

    Getting LDAP code to work properly is always tricky,...
  17. In my experience, you find the same sort of issues with regard to any tool-set that you might possibly use. You will find both hams and eggs in the grandstands of any one of them, without exception....
  18. Been here. Done this. Munch this.
  19. To think of it another way: "Store" is the ancestor object; "JsonStore" et al are descendants from that. All of these descendants implement the functionality of a "Store" but they do so in specific...
  20. Early on, I discovered Saki's msgbus plugin, which is a very well-written and generally applicable tool for letting disparate pieces of an application "talk among themselves." Components publish...
  21. Mac certainly is "mainstream," and if you're having issues like that it's probably something to do with the network configuration of that machine. (Do make sure that your Safari etc. is up-to-date.)...
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    "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. ... Luminous beings are we, not this crude software. You must feel the Optimization around you...
  23. Strangely enough... my application-object does that. :-? The application is an instance of that object.

    But still, no indicator ... in certain places. I've got this behavior working correctly...
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    I'd chime in also on the "do not optimize" mantra.

    "At 100 million ops per second, no one can hear you scream ..." :)

    What does matter, and what is extremely costly, is "Reliability,...
  25. What causes the little circle to appear next to an error-message in a form ... instead of just the squiggly underline alone?
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